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Focus & Self-regulating

Our focus resources can help someone who fidgets or has the desire to keep getting up from their seat by tapping into that desire. For instance, a wobble cushion works by making the user readjust themselves to the wobble of the cushion by working their core muscles. Cushions that provide a gentle vibration can also help the user stay focused for longer as vibration can be calming and relaxing and provide a constant sensory input.

Others who relish a deep pressure sensory input through a weight will react well to a weighted lap pad or shoulder wrap or weighted sensory clothing to help self-regulate during focus time.

Our desk top resources can work well alongside other resources to build a multi-layered approach to focus time. Many of them have the added benefit that they help with self-regulating which un turn works towards a positive study/ focus time.

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  1. Pop Up Desk Screens - value multi packs

    Pop Up Desk Screens - value multi packs

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  2. pop up desk partition

    Pop up Desk Screen - Single

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  3. soft vibrating massage pillow

    Tactile Vibrating Massage Cushion

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