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Start collecting 5 points for every £1 you spend

Becoming a member couldn't be easier. Follow these simple steps.

If you become a member with Sensory Direct you will join our Rewards Scheme.

Becoming a member is really quick and simple to do – all you need to do is to create an account on our website.

1 – Simply click ‘My Account’ on the Homepage then ‘Create your Account’ under New Customers.
2 – Enter your name and email address and create a password
3 – Click ‘Create your Account’ and you’re all set to go

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Becoming a Member means you join our Rewards Scheme.

The Sensory Direct Rewards Scheme allows members to collect points on purchases online. Each point has a cash equivalent (non transferable) and you can spend these points on future purchases with us.

Reward Scheme Points

How can I collect points?

To collect points you must first be a member and have an active account (see note above). Once visiting our website, log into your account. Once you are logged into your account you can collect points from any item you purchase from our site. The points value for each product will be displayed next to the product, and any additional bonus points will be displayed at the checkout. Please note; points can only be collected if you are logged into your account.

Once you have placed your order and we have dispatched the goods, the points will be added to your account.

How can I view my points balance?

To view your rewards points balance simply log into Your Account and click the Tab ‘My Reward Points’ on the left hand side. Your points balance will be displayed.

How many points can I collect?

Customers can collect 5 points per £1 spend across our website Each point has an equivalent cash value of £0.01(non transferable). Bonus points and other incentives may be available throughout the year. To stay informed about these make sure you subscribe to the Sensory Direct Newletter when creating your account. If you missed this don’t worry. Simply log into Your Account and click the Newsletter Subscriptions tab on the left hand side and you can edit your settings.

How can I spend my points?

Customers must collect 250 points, in 1 or more transactions to start spending points. Once customers have reached the minimum points quantity, they can then spend their points in whatever increment they wish, up to a maximum of 25% of the order value.

How long will be points be active for?

Points must be used within 2 years of collecting them.

Rewards Scheme Changes

How will I be notified of any changes to the Rewards Scheme?

Sensory Direct reserve the right to alter, amend or change the Rewards Scheme at any given point. Any changes to the scheme will be communicated to customers via enews and will be displayed on our website. To receive these emails and any other emails relating to products, bonus points, promotions and resources please subscribe to our newsletter.