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Fine Motor

We have a range of toys, games and equipment for the purpose of developing of fine motor skills, particularly suitable for those with additional needs and conditions such as autism.

For children who find activities such as handwriting, tying shoelaces, fastening buttons and holding small items, they will find learning new skills difficult and often frustrating. Using fun games and activities to practice fine motor skills can reduce anxiety and frustration, making the process fun and rewarding. Setting small achievable goals and repeating the process can lead to children achieving and learning tasks that before seemed beyond them.

Why not take a look at our huge range of pencil grips of different shapes and sizes that make holding a pen or pencil easier, they are an inexpensive aid that help with handwriting skills.

Our lacing beads and sewing threads are great for repeating finger and wrist movements, or if it is tying shoelaces that you are looking for help with, we have lacing shoes to allow you to practice together.

We are always interested in finding out what you are on the look out for, or what you have found to help you, so feel free to let us know if you have any product recommendations!

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  1. Fidget toys

    Fidget Toy Pack - Large

    £34.96 £29.13
  2. Rainbow Pebbles

    Rainbow Pebbles

    £24.00 £20.00
  3. String Along Fruits

    String Along Fruits

    now £12.00 £10.00 was £19.00
  4. Fidget Toy Pack - Medium

    Fidget Toy Pack - Medium

    £20.00 £16.67
  5. Fidget Toy Pack - Small

    Fidget Toy Pack - Small

    £12.00 £10.00
  6. Large Tangle Texture

    Large Tangle Texture

    £24.00 £20.00
  7. Flip Fish

    Flip Fish

    £18.90 £15.75
  8. Latches Board Puzzle

    Latches Board Puzzle

    £26.30 £21.92
  9. Primary Lacing Beads

    Primary Lacing Beads

    £10.40 £8.67
  10. Basic Skills Board

    Basic Skills Board

    £19.00 £15.83
  11. elephant play blankie

    Elephant Play Blankie

    £15.25 £12.71
  12. Ark Tranquill vibrating pencil

    Ark Vibrating Pencil

    £45.50 £37.92
  13. Focus 4 Fidgets 6 Pack

    Focus 4 Fidgets - 6 Pack

    £21.00 £17.50
  14. Ark Weighted Pencil

    Ark Weighted Pencil

    £44.00 £36.67
  15. wooden lacing shoe

    Wooden Lacing Shoe

    £3.76 £3.13
  16. Secret Marble Fidget

    Secret Marble Fidget

    from £4.99 £4.16
  17. tangle toy

    Tangle Palm

    £8.10 £6.75
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Items 1-24 of 160

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