ARK Chews

ARK have a range of oral fidgets for sensory seekers craving oral stimulation and provide oral motor input with different textures, shapes and vibrating chews.

Take a look at the range of handheld chews designed for little hands, vibrating chew kits with interchangeable chewable heads and chewelry that can be worn around the neck.

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  1. Ark Z Vibe vibrating oral motor tool

    Ark Z Vibe Vibrating Motor Tool

    from £38.50 £32.08
  2. ARK Baby Tetra Bite Soft

    ARK Baby Tetra Bite Soft

    from £10.75 £8.96
  3. ARK Goshabunga Grabber - Smooth

    ARK Goshabunga Grabber - Smooth

    from £10.75 £8.96
  4. Ark Chewy Brick Stick

    Ark Chewy Brick Stick

    from £14.00 £11.67
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