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Anxiety is something that we all experience at times and we will all feel anxious about different situations. Sensory Direct understands that having good quality coping mechanisms is really important for when we feel our anxiety is getting in the way of our day to day life. 

We also understand that many children and adults with autism and other additional sensory needs commonly experience daily anxiety. The daily or constant feeling of anxiety can become distressing, not only for the anxious person, but also for the carer.

The first step in findings solutions that work in reducing the feeling of anxiety is to try and understand what the triggers are.

Triggers can come in a number of ways, but often for autistic children and adults triggers are often social situations or environments that are, for example, too noisy, too smelly or too busy. 

Triggers can also be caused by difficulties in expressing and communicating either through lack of self awareness and expression or difficulties in social interaction. All of these triggers can lead to meltdowns and withdrawal from situations.

We have put together a number of our products that can show you there are plenty of things you can do to help with mild to severe anxiety. 

Our UK made Weighted Products offer deep pressure to the body and can feel like a reassuring hug. We have ear defenders and plugs that reduce the stresses from the noises of the wearer's surroundings. A huge selection of hand fidget toys and puzzles to focus minds and divert the feeling of anxiety to hands and fingers and our Chewbuddy™ oral chew range is a safe and hygienic alternative to non-edible chews for those that seek out sensory feedback to the mouth and jaw during times of unrest or worry. 

In our Behaviours section you will find even more details on our products that can help you & your anxiety. 

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  1. Sensory Massage Ball

    Sensory Massage Ball

    from £3.00 £2.50
  2. Hot Pak - Scented Heat Pack

    Hot Pak - Scented Heat Pack

    from £11.75 £9.79
  3. Portable Massage Cushion

    Portable Massage Cushion

    £22.00 £18.33
  4. Vibrating Octo Pad

    Vibrating Octo Pad

    £37.99 £31.66
  5. 100 Wooden Blocks

    100 Wooden Blocks

    £18.90 £15.75
  6. Sensory Bubble Set Pk4

    Sensory Bubble Set Pk4

    £21.10 £17.58
  7. Glitter Storm Set Pk3

    Glitter Storm Set Pk3

    £27.00 £22.50
  8. Worry Monster 28cm

    Worry Monster 28cm

    from £12.25 £10.21
  9. Worry Monster 32cm

    Worry Monster 32cm

    from £14.00 £11.67
  10. Worry Monster 20cm

    Worry Monster 20cm

    from £6.76 £5.63
  11. Worry Monster 15cm Clip On

    Worry Monster 15cm Clip On

    from £4.75 £3.96
  12. Galaxy

    Galaxy Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    from £43.14 £35.95
  13. Galaxy Blue

    Galaxy Weighted Lap Pad

    from £42.00 £35.00
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Items 1-24 of 149

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