Life Skills

Finding the right game or aid to help with the day to day basic life skills such as telling the time, writing, recognising coins and notes, tying shoelaces or the more complex situation of understanding what to do during a certain activity is made easy with our selection of Life Skills products. 

We have a number of clocks and teaching aids to help with telling the time in both 12 hour and 24 hour, as well as timers and wrist watches.

Our wide range of pencil grips and tips can help with writing skills and concentration, the vibrating or weighted pencil is designed to help with writing skills for those with poor motor control. 

We also have a number of planning fun deck packs that help with talking about situations, as well as TomTag visual aids to help plan daily activities. 

And much much more!

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  1. Feelings Fan

    Feelings Fan

    £4.80 £4.00
  2. Wooden Bird Whistle

    Wooden Bird Whistle

    £2.30 £1.92
  3. Hand Shaker

    Hand Shaker

    £5.30 £4.42
  4. Fractions Tray

    Fractions Tray

    £21.00 £17.50
  5. Numbers Tray

    Numbers Tray

    £23.00 £19.17
  6. Dressing Boy Puzzle

    Dressing Boy Puzzle

    £13.00 £10.83
  7. Learn to Count

    Learn to Count

    £16.00 £13.33
  8. Cog Puzzle

    Cog Puzzle

    £13.50 £11.25
  9. Times Table Box

    Times Table Box

    £7.00 £5.83
  10. Crocodile Number Puzzle

    Crocodile Number Puzzle

    £14.50 £12.08
  11. Farm Cube Puzzle

    Farm Cube Puzzle

    £11.00 £9.17
  12. Cutting Fruit Crate

    Cutting Fruit Crate

    £12.50 £10.42
  13. Cutting Fruit Chef Set

    Cutting Fruit Chef Set

    £16.50 £13.75
  14. Wooden Cutting Pizza

    Wooden Cutting Pizza

    £16.50 £13.75
  15. Farmyard Stacking Cubes

    Farmyard Stacking Cubes

    £14.00 £11.67
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Items 1-24 of 165

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