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Fidget Toys

 Fidget Toys & Tangles for Autism

Our fidget toys and tangles for autism are ideal for children with SEN such as sensory and concentration issues, encouraging the use of fine motor skills.

The best fidget toys can keep hands busy whilst helping to develop fine motor skills, concentration, tactile awareness,  visual perception skills, colour and size discrimination.  Sensory fidget toys also encourage focus, help to reduce self stimulatory behaviour and can help to calm and de-stress.

We have a wide range of fidget and fiddle toys of different sizes, shapes, textures and colours including fidget spinners amongst others. They can be squeezed, manipulated, squished, thrown, caught – encouraging exploration and manipulation. Some sensory toys in this range will also light up allowing them to be used in a sensory room or dark den.

PLEASE NOTE: Fidget toys contain small parts so are NOT suitable for children ages 3 and under.

See also Multi Sensory Toys, Tactile, Sensory Balls

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  1. Tangle Fuzzy - Junior

    Tangle Fuzzy - Junior

    £5.40 £4.50
  2. Sensory Massage Jar

    Sensory Massage Jar

    £27.55 £22.96
  3. Fidget toy pack small

    Fidget Toy Pack - Small

    £15.55 £12.96
  4. Fidget Toy Pack - Medium

    Fidget Toy Pack - Medium

    £28.74 £23.95
  5. Fidget toys

    Fidget Toy Pack - Large

    £35.95 £29.96
  6. Secret Marble Fidget - wipe clean/anti bac

    Secret Marble Fidget - wipe clean/anti bac

    from £4.20 £3.50
  7. tangle toy

    Tangle Palm

    £8.10 £6.75
  8. Focus 4 Fidgets 6 Pack

    Focus 4 Fidgets 6 pack

    £28.74 £23.95
  9. sensory direct den jar

    Light Up Sensory Jar

    £35.95 £29.96
  10. sensory direct fidget jar

    Sensory Fidget Jar

    £31.14 £25.95
  11. Tangle Hairy

    Tangle Hairy

    £8.95 £7.46
  12. Chewbuddy Sensory Teether

    Chewbuddy Sensory Teether

    from £6.95 £5.79 from £5.70
  13. Tangle Therapy

    Tangle Therapy

    £9.00 £7.50
  14. Tobbles Neo

    Tobble Neo

    £20.35 £16.96
  15. tangle texture

    Tangle Texture

    £4.75 £3.96
  16. nee-doh groovy fruits

    Nee-Doh Groovy fruits

    £7.06 £5.88
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Items 1-24 of 56

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