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Therapy & Sensory Balls

We have a number of therapy balls that are commonly used by Occupational Therapists for balance and coordination training, strengthening, gross motor and proprioceptive activities. Our Peanut Balls are very popular as they are more stable than a round therapy ball, building confidence and a sense of achievement. Great for exercise routines and therapy.

We also offer a huge selection of sensory balls of all shapes, sizes, colours, textures and weights. Sensory Balls are a great way to encourage fine and gross motor skills, concentration, hand-eye coordination, focus, size discrimination, colour awareness, tactile awareness, visual tracking. Explore the senses in a wide range of textures, densities, shapes, sizes, weights, sounds and colours. Balls are incredibly versatile - they can be bounced, rolled, thrown, caught, squeezed and stretched. Also great for encouraging exercise, turn-taking, cooperation and team play.


Read about trhe Benefits of Ball Therapy and Peanut Balls 


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