Weighted Blankets for Adults

Weighted blankets can be a powerful sensory solution for teenagers and adults.   Many people find the weight and deep pressure input to be calming, helping sleep or concentration – it can work on a number of conditions from anxiety to restless leg syndrome.  Weighted blankets can also help to ease transistions and reduce meltdowns as well as helping with sleep.  We have a range of weighted blankets in different weights, sizes and materials.  We also offer a Weighted Blanket Hire Scheme so you can try one before your commit to a purchase.t

Our classic weighted blanket is available in two sizes; the midi weighted blanket measures 110cm x 90cm and is suitable for  use on the sofa, school, car or sensory room.   The standard classic weighted blanket measures 140cm x 110cm and can be used at night on top of a duvet.  The classic weighted blanket has weights sewn into small individual cells making it great for wrapping around the body.  The classic weighted blanket is available in a range of colours.  There is also a fleece backed version available for those that like the tactile feeling of fleece.

The  adjustable weighted blanket is our best selling blanket for night time.  It comes in two sizes – the standard adjustable weighted blanket measures 150cm x 120cm. and the large size 200cm  x 135cm which is single duvet size.   The pockets in the blanket allow you to tailor the weight to the individual – so for example you may want to increase the weight as your child gets older and bigger.  The adjustable weighted blanket can easily be put in a duvet cover so it looks like any other duvet – just heavier!  The cover also protects the blanket for easy cleaning.  Use your own duvet cover or buy one of our plain or patterned covers.

Sensory Direct’s weighted blankets are made in accordance with CE guidelines and are registered as a class 1 medical device.  They also come with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship – any problem we’ll repair it free of charge.

Not sure what weighted blanket to buy or whether it will work for you.  We now offer a weighted blanket hire scheme so you can try before you buy.

We recommend that your weighted blanket should not exceed 10% of the users bodyweight.  A weighted blanket should be used under supervision at all times.



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  1. weighted blanket sensory direct

    Classic Teen/Adult Weighted Blanket

    from £124.99 £104.16
  2. Fire Retardant Classic Weighted Blanket

    Fire Retardant Classic Weighted Blanket

    from £127.99 £106.66
  3. Teen/Adult Snuggly Weighted Blanket

    Teen/Adult Snuggly Weighted Blanket

    from £139.99 £116.66
  4. galaxy weighted blanket

    Teen/Adult Galaxy Weighted Blanket

    from £139.99 £116.66
  5. Adult Tactile Weighted Blanket - Fleece/Cotton

    Adult Tactile Weighted Blanket - Fleece/Cotton

    from £139.99 £116.66
  6. Weighted Ball Blanket

    Weighted Ball Blanket

    from £192.00 £160.00
  7. Large Weighted Blanket - Adjustable

    Large Weighted Blanket - Adjustable

    from £156.00 £130.00
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