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Ways To Reduce Anxiety

Dealing with the anxiety caused by PTSD can be helped with fidgets & other sensory products to redirect your thoughts & feelings. Shop our range of fidget toys, therapy putty, weighted lap pads & more.

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  1. Weighted Neck Wrap 1.2kg

    Weighted Neck Wrap 1.2kg

    from £19.99 £16.66
  2. Weighted Tactile Cushion

    Weighted Tactile Cushion

    from £33.95 £28.29
  3. Sensory Cuddle Ball

    Sensory Cuddle Ball

    from £19.99 £16.66
  4. Sensory Cuddle Ring

    Sensory Cuddle Ring

    from £19.99 £16.66
  5. Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    Polycotton Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    from £43.14 £35.95
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