Ear Defenders/Protectors/Ear Muffs are a life saver toall ear defender colours many autistic children and their families.

Children and autistic adults with sensory issues are often sensitive to noise.  It seems that it can be particular sounds or certain frequencies of noises that can be troublesome.

On reflection “troublesome” seems an understatement as my son appears to be in physical pain when exposed to certain noises.

Some examples of sounds that can affect those with sensory issues are vacuum cleaners, hand dryers in public toilets, crying babies as well as loud music and sudden loud noises.

So what are the benefits of Ear Defenders? Well Ear Defenders are inexpensive, light and compact and can easily be carried.

They are similar to ear protectors worn by workmen to protect hearing from loud noises such as drilling, but tend to be more refined, more comfortable and in a range of colours.

We sell a range of different coloured Ear Defenders. These comply fully with the requirements of the European Directive 89/686/EEC by means of the European Standard EN352-1/EN352-3 : 2002 "Hearing Protector Safety Requirement & testing".

They are fully adjustable and will fit most head sizes from a 12 month old baby to an adult.  These are available from our website at just £11.66 + VAT.