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Trusted seller of Sensory Toys & Equipment since 2005

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    Best-selling sensory products

    1. Communication Fan - Multi Pack

      Communication Fan - Multi Pack

      now £24.30 £20.25 was £27.00
    2. weighted snake

      Weighted Shoulder/Lap Sensory Snake 1.5kg

      from £41.95 £34.96
    3. Oh Plah ® Chewy Wristband

      Oh Plah ® Chewy Wristband

      from £9.41 £7.84 was £10.50
    4. Sensory Fan

      Sensory Fan

      now £4.32 £3.60 was £4.80
    5. Weighted Hug Vest

      Weighted Hug Vest

      from £53.95 £44.96 was £59.95
    6. Kids  Snuggly Tactile Weighted Blanket

      Kids Snuggly Tactile Weighted Blanket

      from £126.50 £105.42

    New sensory products

    1. Chewbuddy 6 Pack

      Chewbuddy 6 Pack

      from £36.00 £30.00
    2. Christmas Basket

      Christmas Basket

      £23.99 £19.99
    3. Vibrating Octo Pad

      Vibrating Octo Pad

      £37.99 £31.66

    Sensory Direct are proud to support

    Our Story

    When my son was born with autism, my world changed & Sensory Direct was born

    Ethan had been prescribed different forms of medication, and although they helped a little, I didn’t want to become reliant upon them, so Ethan’s Paediatric Consultant suggested a Weighted Blanket. I remember hearing this and thinking ‘what on earth is a Weighted Blanket’? At this stage I was blissfully unaware of how life changing that Weighted Blanket would become.

    British Born Solutions

    Sensory Direct’s principle drive and values are based on wanting to help and support others find their solution.

    We strongly believe in our products and ensure that the same love and care that went into making my son’s first Weighted Blanket goes into every handmade product we produce here in Worcester. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and we will do our utmost to find you a solution that works.

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