Other ways to apply weighted pressure to help with hyperactivity

Weighted therapy can come in many forms. For example you can apply weight through our more traditional weighted blankets and lap pads or through our weighted wrist weights; ideal for those that look for sensory input into their hands and wrists, or through such tools as our weighted bean bags that can be handle as a fidget toy or used in part of an exercise to throw and catch.

We have a large range of weighted products that are suited for the home, school, out and about at the cinema or café or whilst travelling. Each one of them will apply a calming pressure to relax and help to reduce the symptoms of hyperactivity.

Need help buying? Use our product guides in our Download section or get in touch with our friendly Customer Service Team. 


COVID-19 Order leadtimes

Most weighted blankets are now being made to order.  To keep staff safe we are practising safe working which unfortunately means that blankets are taking longer than usual.  Please allow 10-15 working days for delivery.

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  1. Roo pad

    Weighted Tactile Roo Pad

    from £48.00 £40.00
  2. Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    Polycotton Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    from £43.14 £35.95
  3. Galaxy Blue

    Galaxy Weighted Lap Pad

    from £42.00 £35.00
  4. Fleece Shoulder Wrap

    Fleece Shoulder Wrap

    from £43.14 £35.95
  5. Wrist & Ankle Weights

    Wrist & Ankle Weights

    from £28.80 £24.00
  6. Snuggly Tactile Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    Snuggly Tactile Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    from £43.14 £35.95
  7. Fleece Weighted Lap Pad

    Fleece Weighted Lap Pad

    from £43.15 £35.96
  8. Galaxy Stargazer

    Galaxy Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    from £43.14 £35.95
  9. Weighted Lap Pads

    Polycotton Weighted Lap Pads

    from £42.00 £35.00
  10. weighted cuddly seal

    Weighted Cuddly Animals

    from £14.35 £11.96
  11. Weighted cuddly hand warmer

    Weighted cuddly hand warmer

    from £15.55 £12.96
  12. weighted snake

    Weighted Shoulder/Lap Sensory Harlequin Snake 1.5kg

    from £41.95 £34.96
  13. Fire retardant lap pad blue

    Fire Retardant Weighted Lap Pad

    from £42.00 £35.00
  14. Weighted Lizard Blue 2kg

    Weighted Lizard Blue 2kg

    £59.95 £49.96
  15. weighted snake

    Weighted Shoulder/Lap Sensory Snake 1.5kg

    from £41.95 £34.96
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23 Items

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