Weighted Jackets & Vests

The deep pressure provided by weighted jackets has a calming and organising effect on the body’s proprioceptive system.

Weighted jackets, clothing and compression vests are commonly recommended by Occupational Therapists for use in the classroom to increase attention span and reduce hyperactivity often seen in children with autism, ADHD, sensory and learning difficulties.

The combination of applied pressure and weight, functions as a reassuring deep hug.


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  1. weighted jacket for autism

    Kids Weighted Fleece Waistcoat

    from £76.00 £63.33
  2. Image for Weighted Compression Vest

    Weighted Compression Vest

    from £85.50 £71.25
  3. Adult Weighted Jacket for Autism

    Adult Weighted Fleece Waistcoat

    from £98.00 £81.67
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