Can a sensory vest be worn under clothes? This is a question we have been asked recently so here are some tips and hopefully some answers….

What Are Sensory Vests?

There are several types of vests available – some work on a compression basis by giving a tight hug. Others work on weight basis and some have a combination of the two.

Some people with autism and associated sensory issues respond better to weight. Others, however, prefer a tight squeeze to help them feel calmer and less anxious.

Everyone is different and it is a question of finding out what is most effective for the individual.

We are using the term “vest” to cover different garments such as weighted jackets, waistcoats and hoodies etc. These are all often referred to as vests even if technically they are not actually a vest!

Are there Different Types of Sensory Vest?

Our Deep Pressure Vest (which gives a tight hug but has no weight) can be worn under clothing. It is lightweight so it will fit under a jumper.

We recommend wearing it over a t-shirt as if worn next to the skin it could become sweaty after a while.

The same applies to a Weighted Compression Vest, which has some compression (but not as much as the Deep Pressure Vest) and some weight.

Like the Deep Pressure Vest, it is made principally of neoprene. This is bulkier than the Deep Pressure Vest (due to the weights) but can be worn under a jumper.

Weighted Jackets / Waistcoats are not designed to be worn under clothing but on top of other clothes.

If the wearer does not wish to “stand out”, we make a Weighted Hoody that looks like any other hood.

How To Wear Sensory Vests

One thing to point out about all of these items is that they are not designed to be worn 100% of the time.   They are most effective when worn for stints of 20-30 minutes at a time.

If you wear them all the time and the weight or deep pressure becomes the norm for the body, the effect is lessened.

One item of clothing that can be worn all the time under other clothes is our Sensory Hug Shirt.  Made of a soft cotton with a mix of stretchy lycra,  this soft comfy shirt gives gentle compression all day long.