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Sensory chews for oral sensory seekers are an excellent way to provide oral stimulation, exercise the mouth muscles, build oral tone, and practice biting & chewing skills in a safe and hygienic manner.

 Many children (and some adults) on the Autism Spectrum or those with other additional needs often chew or bite on non-edible objects such as toys or pencils or they like to suck shirt sleeves or bite jumpers, or in some cases their own hands, knuckles and fingers.

Sensory Direct sell a wide range of chews that provide a safer and more hygienic alternative to biting and chewing toys, clothes and knuckles. All of our oral chews are suitable for children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder or other additional needs as well as just for children & toddlers who like to bite and chew. Our bestselling Chewbuddy™ range is designed by Sensory Direct, made in the UK with medical graded, latex-free material and comes in a range of shapes, textures, levels of hardness and colours. Our chews can be sterilised in the dishwasher and we even sell a protective pouch that can keep them safe and hygienic when you are out and about.

Not sure what chew to choose? Read our informative Blog on "Sensory Chews - Which one will you chose?"

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  1. chewbuddy

    Chewbuddy™ Pl!ng Grab Chew

    from £7.80 £6.50
  2. Ark Z Vibe starter kit

    Ark Z Vibe Starter Kit

    £78.00 £65.00
  3. ARK Brick Tip

    ARK Brick Tip

    from £9.76 £8.13
  4. Chewbuddy 6 Pack

    Chewbuddy 6 Pack

    from £36.00 £30.00
  5. Oh Plah ® Chewy Wristband

    Oh Plah ® Chewy Wristband

    from £10.50 £8.75
  6. Super Chew - Green

    Super Chew - Green

    £11.75 £9.79
  7. Hand and Wrist Cover - No Weight

    Hand and Wrist Cover - No Weight

    from £16.75 £13.96
  8. Chewbuddy™ Stickman - Twin Pack

    Chewbuddy™ Stickman - Twin Pack

    from £14.40 £12.00
  9. Ark hard cat tip

    ARK Animal Tips

    from £12.00 £10.00
  10. cuff cover

    Cuff cover - child

    £8.35 £6.96
  11. Chewbuddy™ Stickman - Single

    Chewbuddy™ Stickman - Single

    from £7.80 £6.50 from £5.94
  12. Ark Z Vibe vibrating oral motor tool

    ARK Z Vibe Vibrating Motor Tool

    from £42.00 £35.00
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