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Best For Calming & Relaxation

We have a great number of products that can help the daily lives of those that are living with Autism. This selection of products are aimed at finding ways to relax and calm to either enable good concentration whilst completing an activity, or to help to unwind and chiill out after a long day or to address some anxiety issues formed by a particualr incident. 


Weighted thearpay offers a way of proving safe deep presrure that can sooth and comfort. 

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  1. Chewbuddy™ Disc Tuff - Single

    Chewbuddy™ Disc Tuff - Single

    from £8.00 £6.67
  2.  Sensory Cuddle Square

    Sensory Cuddle Square

    from £23.99 £19.99
  3. Sensory Cuddle Cocoon

    Sensory Cuddle Cocoon

    from £23.99 £19.99
  4. Midi Weighted Blanket

    Midi Weighted Blanket

    from £107.95 £89.96
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