A wobble cushion (sometimes called a disc cushion or an instability cushion) is a small, round, inflatable cushion, strong enough to sit and stand on.

They senior wobble cushions are made from flexible PVC-free & latex-free material and measure 35cm.   The cushion can be sat on to create instability (a wobble!) encouraging the user to engage back and core muscles.

The cushion can be used on a chair and on the floor.  They are strong enough to be stood on to build core strength and practise balance.

Sitting on a wobble cushion is similar to sitting on a therapy ball – only smaller, portable and more convenient.

The instability engages the core muscles, improving posture and core stability.   The wobble effect makes sensory-seeking children focus on how they sit, reducing fidgeting and helping to improve focus.

The Sensory Direct wobble cushion is smooth on one side and has raised dimples on the other for additional sensory input.

Wobble cushions are not meant to be too comfortable!   They are meant to be unstable and slightly uncomfortable to make sitting down a physical exercise. They will never be as comfortable as slouching!

Sitting on a wobble cushion engages the core muscles, helping to improve core stability so it is effectively an exercise.

How To Use A Wobble Cushion

We recommended that the cushion is not sat on all day – about ½ hour at a time is long enough.  Put it to one side for a while and then use it again at regular intervals throughout the day.wedge cushion kidssmall

The cushion can also be great fun to stand on to build muscle tone and help balance and concentration.

Stand on both legs, one leg, make a tree shape etc…..be creative and have fun!

Our cushions are made from flexible PVC free material that contains no latex or phthalates.

They have a small valve in the back so the cushion can easily be inflated by blowing directly into the valve (they don’t take much to blow up) or using a bike pump or any other type of pump.

The cushion can be inflated as much or as little as required.   Don’t over inflate the cushion – it requires enough air to make it wobble when you sit or stand on it.

Sensory Direct Senior Wobble Cushion is 35cm in diameter making it suitable for both children and adults.  It costs £17.08 + VAT