Bubble Tubes and Liquid Floor Tiles are brilliant ways of adding colour, movement and interest to a sensory room, dark den or even the living room for the whole family to enjoy.

Bubble tubes and little girlBubble Tubes

Free-standing Bubble Tubes have long been a staple of a sensory room, providing a relaxing and calming environment.

Small Bubble Tubes of around 1 metre in height can be purchased inexpensively for around £30 and these are perfectly adequate for most small sensory areas.

Some come with small plastic fish or balls which dance up and down in the water; improving visual tracking.

Most will change colour and larger, more expensive tubes come with buttons which the user can press to change the colour or behaviour of the bubbles.

This helps teach cognitive skills and cause and effect.

The relaxing and calming motion of the bubbles, combined with the colour changes grabs attention and is a great way to start a conversation.

They run off electricity so you will need to position it next to a plug socket.

Being tall with a small base they can be a little unstable so supervision is recommended if you have children who will want to touch the bubble tube.

Tip - Put a mirror on the wall behind the bubble tube to add to the visual stimulation.

Liquid Floor TilesLiquid Floor Tiles

Liquid Floor Tiles offer a fun, visually stimulating and tactile experience for children and adults.

Strong, but thin, they are filled with a liquid gel which flows and swirls as you move about on them.

The gentle swirling motion encourages movement and exploration of surfaces – great for building curiosity.

The Liquid Floor tiles are tactile and have a cold and slightly rough, non-slip finish.

They offer a clean and easy way for children to express themselves and create pieces of art.

  • Available in a variety of colours including green, orange, purple and blue
  • Square and round tiles
  • Available in different sizes
  • Purchase individually or in sets to create a floor scene

You don’t need to secure the Liquid Floor Tiles to the floor, so you can move, rearrange and take them to any room in the house!

They work great in sensory rooms, children’s playrooms and bedrooms or even the living room so the whole family can enjoy.

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