Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms (or multi-sensory environments) have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

Originally intended for those with profound and multiple disabilities, sensory rooms have evolved into a space for all children to calm and also stimulate the senses.

One of the key elements of a sensory room is sensory lights and these are available in a variety of forms.

A multi sensory environment can mean different things:

  • Purpose built sensory room with innovative, state of the art sensory equipment
  • Pop up dark den in the corner of a classroom or bedroom

This post will focus on one area of a sensory room or space – sensory lights.

Typical Uses

There are many practical benefits to using Sensory Lighting, including for calming purposes.

Imagine the soft orange glow of a table lamp on a cold and snowy winters day or the flickering flame of a candle.

Lighting can evoke the senses and calm the body. It’s easy, therefore, to appreciate the function it plays in a sensory room and so aiding those with autism or sensory processing disorders.

Types Of Sensory Lights

There are a number of different lighting options available.

A black UV light is inexpensive and fits into your ordinary light fitting (or you could put one in a table lamp).

These lights produce a deep purple black light with large amounts of ultra violet light.

Because the UV light is reflected by white and lightly coloured clothes, this makes them glow in the dark and also makes fluorescent materials and dyes light up.

Other types of lamps can be bought relatively cheaply which create a stunning effect in a sensory room.

A small kaleidoscope lamp runs off batteries and rotates to project moving coloured lights on the walls or ceilings of any room.

It is small enough to be used in a sensory den. Other lights and affordable projectors are available that project different shapes and patterns onto a wall.

There are a multitude of hand held sensory lights which look great in a dark environment. Most of them can be purchased for a few pounds. Below is a small selection:

White Shake n Shine lights Shake n Shine Lights

Light up sensory tambourine

Flashing Sensory Ball on a stick

Squishy gel light up ball

Colour changing egg lights

  • Night lightsanimal shaped colour changing lights offer soothing colours that are calming before bedtime

Rechargeable dinosaur night lightLight up Chameleon

Hand-held sensory lights are a cost effective, portable solution for calming the senses out and about.

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