How can the soothing power of bubble tubes and bubble walls enhance sensory integration?

In sensory integration therapy, various tools and techniques are used to create a conducive environment for individuals with sensory processing difficulties.

Among these tools, bubble tubes have gained significant recognition for their benefits in promoting sensory integration.

This blog post explores the soothing power of bubble tubes and how they can enhance sensory integration for individuals of all ages.

Understanding Sensory Integration

Sensory integration refers to the brain's ability to receive, process and organise sensory information from the environment.

For individuals with sensory processing difficulties, this process can be challenging, leading to over- or under-responsiveness to sensory stimuli.

Sensory integration therapy aims to improve these challenges by providing a controlled environment to help individuals regulate their responses effectively.

What Are Bubble Tubes?

Bubble tubes are cylindrical containers filled with water and equipped with an air pump.

As air is released into the water, a stream of bubbles rises from the bottom to the top, creating a mesmerising and relaxing visual display.

Bubble tubes often feature coloured lights, further enhancing the visual experience.

Bubble walls are also becoming increasingly popular.  They are similar to bubble tubes but they are flat and attach to a wall.

Types of Bubble Tube

Bubble Tubes can vary in size and price.

Picture of a 60cm Bubble Tube


For the home user, relatively inexpensive bubble tubes are available starting from around £18 for one 60cm tall.

These are generally best used on a table or cabinet (in a bedroom for example).




Three 120cm Bubble Tubes each displaying a different colour

Larger bubble tubes measuring 90cm and 120cm start at around £30 and these can be used on the floor.

It should be noted that these do not fix to anything and so could be knocked over if a child is left unattended.

These smaller bubble tubes for home sometimes come with a simple remote control allowing the user to change the colours of the bubbles. Plastic fish can also be added to create visual interest and stimulation.


Little girl watching a sensory bubble wall

Little girl watching an interactive LED Bubble TubeLarger bubble tubes and bubble walls are designed for a more commercial environment such as a school or therapy centre.

These are much larger in height and diameter and often have a control pad which the user can use to change the colours. Other methods of bubble tube activation, such as touch and sound are also available.

Commercial bubble tubes are generally built into a solid base making them more stable and less likely to be knocked over.

Visual Stimulation

The visual display produced by bubble tubes has a calming effect on the senses.

The combination of bubbles and lights provides a gentle visual stimulation that can capture attention and engage individuals.

This visual input helps individuals focus their attention, promoting concentration and a sense of calmness.

Promoting Relaxation

Bubble tubes create a calm and peaceful setting, making them ideal for relaxation purposes.

The slow and rhythmic movement of bubbles, coupled with the soothing lighting effects, can help reduce anxiety and stress levels.

By providing a gentle environment, bubble tubes aid relaxation and help create a sensory retreat.

Sensory Regulation

For individuals with sensory processing difficulties, bubble tubes can play a vital role in sensory regulation.

By providing a controlled and predictable sensory input, bubble tubes help individuals modulate their responses to sensory stimuli.

The repetitive and rhythmic nature of bubble tubes assists in promoting self-regulation, reducing sensory overload and enhancing sensory integration skills.

Versatility and Accessibility

2 children interactive with sensory lights in a sensory den. Bubble tube is in the background Bubble tubes are versatile tools that can be incorporated into various settings.

This could include sensory rooms, schools, therapy centres and home environments.

They are available in different sizes, allowing for specific needs.

Furthermore, bubble tubes can be used by individuals of all ages and abilities. This makes them accessible to a wide range of individuals seeking sensory integration benefits.


Bubble tubes offer a range of benefits for individuals undergoing sensory integration therapy.

Their stimulating and relaxing nature, combined with the opportunity for sensory exploration and regulation, makes them valuable tools in promoting sensory integration.

Whether in therapeutic settings or personal spaces, the allure of bubble tubes provides a soothing and calming environment perfect for sensory integration and overall well-being.

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