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Peanut Balls and the Benefits of Ball Therapy

  Peanut Balls and the Benefits of Ball Therapy The benefits of ball therapy are widely acknowledged for children and adults with a range of abilities.   Balls are used for balance and co-ordination training, strengthening, gross motor and proprioceptive activities.  Balls are commonly used for: To improve dynamic balance by sitting or lying on top of […]

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The Benefits of Wedge and Wobble Cushions

THE BENEFITS OF WEDGE & WOBBLE CUSHIONS WEDGE CUSHIONS A Wedge Cushion is an air-filled cushion that when sat on tilts the pelvis forward slightly, enhancing the inward curve of the lower back and encouraging the user to sit more upright. This encouragement to sit properly and correctly reduces strain on the body’s joints and […]

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7 Useful tips for easing the transition back to school

The long summer holidays are nearly over and it’s time to start thinking about the transition back to school. For many children with special needs heading back to school can bring up feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Here are some seven tips which may help ….. Arrange a visit to the school a week or […]

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Choosing the right Sensory Chew

SAFETY ADVICE –  CHOOSING THE RIGHT SENSORY CHEW So you have a biter? Or a child who incessantly chews on their clothes, fingers, pencil tops and nearly everything not tied down? Help is at hand….Sensory Chew Toys to the rescue! Chewies in the form of necklaces and bracelets can be found in a variety of […]

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Body Socks & Scooterboards now back in stock

We now have our popular Body Socks and Scooter Boards back in stock – you can still order in time for Christmas!  

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