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Chewbuddy – Which one will you choose?

Sensory Chews The use of sensory chews for the management and relief of stimming is well documented, and most parents/carers will have tried some form of sensory chew for their child. At Sensory Direct we often hear of the concerns relating to safety ‘is the material safe for my child to chew’ and also hygiene […]

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Pencil grips – what are they and why so many?

What are Pencil Grips? Pencil Grips are small impermanent attachments that fit onto a pencil. They help a child or adult have a functional and accurate grasp of a pencil. Used correctly, a Pencil Grip can help develop fine motor skills and user control over their handwriting.  Traditionally Pencil Grips are made with foam, silicone […]

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Weighted Jackets

  Weighted jackets provide deep pressure and have a ‘calming and organising’ effect on the body’s proprioceptive system. The jackets are commonly recommended by Occupational Therapists for use in the classroom to increase attention-span and reduce the hyperactivity often seen in children with autism, ADHD, and sensory or learning difficulties. A weighted jacket can benefit […]

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Weighted Therapy – Weight vs Pressure

Weighted blankets Some Occupational Therapists now recommend that a weighted blanket is used under the supervision of an adult at all times. For use at night this effectively means staying with your child until they have gone to sleep and then removing the weighted blanket. This is sensible advice, however it can cause practical difficulties. […]

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Trouble Sitting Still? 10 Tips & Tools to help an active child sit.

Sensory seeking kids find it almost impossible to sit still.  It’s not their fault it just a fact we parents have to deal with and try and find solution for.   The reasons for the inability to sit still and concentrate on the task in hand can be complex but often it’s down to a poor […]

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