Indoor rainy days can be a great opportunity to have fun and be creative without venturing outside. Here are some enjoyable indoor activities and ideas to make the most of a rainy day.

Board games and puzzles

Gather your family or friends and play board games or work on jigsaw puzzles together. It's a fantastic way to bond and have a good time indoors. We've a great range of sensory toys, games & puzzles to keep you entertained and explore different themes. For a twist on a 'puzzle', why not try the Orto Sensory Puzzle Playmats? Soft, interlocking sensory puzzle playmats with different textures for exploration. Create your own sensory puzzle path inside and see where it takes you! It's not only puzzles and games that can keep fingers and minds occupied - why not try updating your fidget toys? We've some great fidget toys to help boost concentration (great for working on those trickier puzzles!) and develop fine motor skills. Don't forget your favourite Chewbuddy™ Sensory Chew, a safe alternative to chewing on fingers, cuffs, pencils and puzzle pieces!




Arts and crafts

Get creative with arts and crafts projects. You can paint, draw, make DIY crafts, or try your hand at origami. Paint your favourite cartoon character or make cards for upcoming birthdays. Experiment with playdoh or playfoam for indoor 'messy' play - a great, fun sensory experience. Squish and squash the playfoam to learn your letters and numbers!


Create a sensory space

Pop up your sensory den, gather your favourite lights and bubble tubes and enjoy some quiet, chill out time together. Sitting inside a sensory den when the weather is rough outside can help to calm and reduce any anxiety. If adverse weather such as thunder causes upset, try a pair of ear defenders or sensory ear plugs to help reduce uncomfortable noises. You could also add a weighted blanket. The weight and deep pressure helps to calm and relax, and we've found some children like to wrap themselves up in one whilst inside a sensory den or watching sensory lights.


Indoor fitness

Stay active and burn off some energy with indoor exercises. Get out your resistance bands, body socks or therapy balls and have fun trying different stretches, exercises and movements. There are plenty of online workout routines and classes available for inspiration. Why not try a scooter board for strengthening and upper body movement. Check out our blog 10 fun things to do on a scooter board for some ideas!


Movie or TV show marathon

Choose a theme or a favourite series and have a movie or TV show marathon. Create a cozy movie-watching setup with your beanbag, weighted blanket, lap pad or weighted tactile cushion, dim the lights, and enjoy a cinematic experience at home. Don't forget the popcorn or your favourite treats!


Cooking or baking

Try out new recipes or bake some delicious treats together. The aroma of freshly baked goods is a comforting sensory experience and can make the rainy day feel even cozier.

Indoor picnic

If the weather is too bad for an outside picnic, have one inside! Lay out a picnic blanket, prepare some snacks and finger foods, and have an indoor picnic with your family or friends. Why not listen to some comforting music for additional sensory feedback.

Role Play

Time for some tea anyone? We have some fantastic role play products for encouraging creativity and boosting imaginations. Gather your favourite toys, set the scene and have fun!


There's always time for a good book. Snuggle up on the sofa or bean bag, cuddle your favourite weighted animal and read a book together. Rainy days can be a perfect excuse to get lost in a fascinating story.


Virtual experiences

Weather too bad to get out? Explore museums, art galleries, or landmarks through virtual tours available online.

Remember, rainy days can provide a chance to slow down, relax, and enjoy some quality time indoors. So embrace the opportunity to do something different and have fun with your loved ones!