What Are Scooter Boards?

Scooter Boards look a bit like square skateboards. They are portable and also made of sturdy plastic with wheels and handles at the sides.

They are ideal for upper body strengthening, movement, motor planning and vestibular activities.

Sensory Direct Scooter Boards are available in 40cm x 40cm size. They come in a choice of 3 colours -  red, blue and green and are great fun!

What Can Scooter Boards Be Used For?

There are so many activities to do with a Scooter Board. As well as being great fun, they also encourage play!

Young children actively explore their environment and the world around them through learning-based play.

Play is a vital part of a child’s optimal social, cognitive, physical and emotional development.

Scooter Boards can also be used to strengthen the hands and wrists. Strengthening can have a positive impact on fine motor skills too -  such as writing and dressing.

Scooter Boards are great for children who love movement - the sensation of riding a Scooter Board can provide great vestibular input and help with self-regulation.

Furthermore, they are also good for children who may be sensitive to movement. Whilst we must appreciate any uneasiness towards movement, it is good to try and develop tolerance of certain movement.

This can be tried with a Scooter Board, as movement can be gentle and limited to the boundaries of the individual.

10 Fun Things To Do On A Scooter Board

There are lots of activities to do with a Scooter Board. Here, we have compiled our top ten fun things to do on a Scooter Board. Indeed, why not try them out this summer?

  • Body Bowling - Set up bowling pins at one end of the room and have the child ride the scooter board down to knock them over.
  • Fishing - Scatter magnetic fish around the floor and have the child scoot around to go and find them.
  • Superman catch
  • Pull the child around with a rope or alternatively, a hula hoop
  • Do a puzzle. Have the puzzle pieces at one end of the room and the puzzle board at the other end.
  • Sorting. Have bean bags or other objects at one end of the room that can be sorted into containers at the other end of the room.
  • Shopping. Place play food around the room and you tell them what they need to find and bring to you.
  • Obstacle course of things you need to scoot around.
  • Place cones around the room and give the child ping pong balls that they have to place on top of the cones.
  • Follow a path of tape placed on the floor.

Get your Sensory Direct Scooter Board today and go and have some fun!