Looking for ideas for some safe, home based sensory play? Then look no further! Here are our Top 5 great home based sensory ideas for Sensory Seekers.


Weighted Toys

  • Use a weighted lap pad or weighted toy to provide calming weight and deep pressure
  • Our weighted Turtle and Snake use different textures to provide tactile input
  • Make up a story about Tilly the Turtle or Sammy the Snake

Messy Play

  • Use Therapy Putty or No Mess Play Foam to provide a fun tactile messy play time
  • Hide small toys in the putty and make a game out of finding them
  • Create a wet play area in the garden with bubbles and foam

Scooter Boards

  • Use a Scooter Board for a fun work out
  • Make a game of them lying on the board to propel themselves
  • Strengthen the core muscles to help with posture and gross motor skills

Body Socks

  • A Body Sock provides a fun,  safe sensory experience
  • An essential part of any sensory diet to reinforce resistive awareness and encourage creative movement.
  • Helps body awareness and assists in developing spatial awareness through balance and resistance
  • Wears them out!


  • Use a timer to create independent playtime and set time limits
  • Encourage sharing so everyone gets their turn
  • Promotes socialisation and discussion