What are Pencil Grips?


Pencil Grips are small impermanent attachments that fit onto a pencil. They help a child or adult have a functional and accurate grasp of a pencil. Used correctly, a Pencil Grip can help develop fine motor skills and user control over their handwriting.  Traditionally Pencil Grips are made with foam, silicone or moulded rubber. The pencil grip has helped reform the writing ability of countless children and adults, both able bodied and those with disabilities.

Why so many?

Well, in truth, because we are all different and each requires different tools to help us flourish. Some require a grip to aid the positioning of the fingers, others to guide the amount of force to be applied when writing. Some people simply need a grip to make writing more comfortable and reduce fatigue.  We also have to consider the application – is the Pencil Grip intended for use at home for homework or recreational activities? For the classroom? Or something more hard-wearing for use in exams? Condition also plays a huge part in the selection of a Pencil Grip, whether it is to aid with fine motor skills, arthritic conditions or those requiring sensory feedback.

Whatever the reason, whether it be for pens, crayons or even paintbrushes, at Sensory Direct we have the grip for you!

Sensory Direct Pencil Grips

duo pencil gripDuo Pencil Grip

  • Innovative pencil grip with two openings for index finger and thumb
  • Cleverly designed U shape to provide support and guidance for the second finger
  • Aids with the correct writing position
  • Works well for younger children with a poor understanding of how to hold a pencil
  • Also works well with people with conditions such as Arthritis


Solo Pencil Grips - (Pack of 5)index writing gripSolo and Index Pencil Grips

  • Both the Solo and Index Pencil grips position the index finger into the correct writing position for the classic tripod grip
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Helps to guide the amount of force to be applied when writing
  • Right handed grip only
  • Works well on pencils, pens and crayons


Ergo Pencil Grips - (Pack of 5)Ergo

  • Simple grip that makes a pen wider, making it easier to handle
  • Perfect for those who have difficulties with fine motor skills
  • Three indentations placed around the grip allow the fingers and thumb to fall naturally into position making pen control easier and reduces fatigue
  • Works really well on pens, crayons and paintbrushes
  • Popular with older children and adults and those with Arthritis and similar conditions which make holding a pen difficult.


Writing Claw Pencil Grips (pack of 5)Writing Claw

  • Tough, durable and suitable for either the right or left hand
  • Creates a true tripod grip to ensure correct finger position
  • Suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years
  • Can withstand being moved from pencil to pencil
  • Ideal for early learners, individuals with fine motor difficulties and those with arthritic conditions


Stubbi Pencil Grips - (Pack of 5)Stubbi Pencil Grip

  • Small, discreet grip measuring 27mm
  • Cleverly designed to develop the classic tripod grip by naturally positioning the fingers and thumb into the correct writing position
  • Ergonomic shape makes handling the pen or pencil easier, increasing control and reducing fatigue


Classic Pencil Grips Large - (Pack of 5)Classic Pencil Grip

  • Classic pencil grip to help those who grip the pen too tightly establish a comfortable writing position
  • Ergonomically shaped making handling a pen or pencil easier
  • Reduces fatigue when writing and improves pencil control
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Can be used by left and right handers
  • Suitable for pens, crayons, pencils and paintbrushes


Skittle Pencil Grips - Pack of 10Skittle Pencil Grips

  • Contoured, soft foam pencil grips
  • Provide comfort for those who hold pens and pencils too tightly
  • Ideal for those who dislike sensory feedback from ridged or plain foam pencil grips


Comfort Pencil Grips - Pack of 10Comfort Pencil Grips

  • Simple, circular pencil grip
  • Made from super soft foam to ease discomfort holding pens and pencils


Soft Triangular Pencil Grips - Pack of 10Soft triangular

  • Super soft triangular pencil grips
  • Ideal for younger children
  • Encourages a comfortable grip on the pencil for writing practice
  • Suitable for long periods of intensive writing, such as exams



Ridged Pencil Grips - Pack of 10Ridged Pencil Grips

  • Soft, foam like material
  • Designed to help those who hold their pencil too tightly
  • Ridges for extra sensory feedback



Pencil Grips - Ultra (pack of 5)Ultra Pencil Grip

  • Larger, softer and more comfortable the Ultra Pencil Grip offers more control
  • Truly ambidextrous – showing letters ‘R’ and ‘L’ to show where to position the thumb
  • Ideal for children learning to write or having writing difficulties
  • Suitable for adults with diminished grip resulting from Arthritis or a Stroke
  • Made of durable rubber to withstand being moved from pencil to pencil



cobra gripCobra Pencil Grip

  • Large pencil grip that aids finger placement and stimulates the muscles in the thumb and fingers to ensure the correct grip
  • Ideal for adults with Arthritis and similar conditions to strengthen muscles and improve pen control
  • Perfect for early learners and individuals with fine motor difficulties
  • Made of durable rubber to withstand being moved from pencil to pencil




crossguard writing gripCross Guard Ultra

  • This version of the Ultra Pencil grip has a special finger guard to hold fingers in the correct position whilst writing
  • Suitable for both left and right handers
  • Prevents fingers from crossing over, whilst its large size assists with pen control and support
  • Suitable for children learning to write or having writing difficulties
  • Ideal for adults with diminished grip resulting from Arthritis or stroke
  • Made of durable rubber and can withstand being moved from pencil to pencil


The 'Write' Pencil Grip - Pack of 10The Write Pencil Grip

  • Helps to encourage the ‘tripod’ handwriting position for neat and efficient writing
  • Suitable for at home and in the classroom
  • Made from sturdy, non-slip silicone for comfort


Ark Pencil TipArk Pencil Grip

  • ARK's Pencil Tip turns any Z-Vibe® into a vibrating pencil
  • Suitable for teaching young children to write
  • Provide therapeutic relief for older individuals
  • Recommended for individuals with sensory integration issues and/or poor fine motor control
  • 6 golf pencils and 1 pencil adapter that easily screws into the Z-Vibe® handle.


Ark Weighted PencilArk Weighted Pencil Grip

  • Innovative writing tool suitable for those with sensory integration issues and/or poor fine motor control
  • Weight and textured surface of the pencil provides increased sensory input and proprioceptive feedback to the hand while writing
  • Can help focus, writing speed, increased hand strength and dexterity
  • Assist with regulating the grip force used when holding a pen/pencil
  • The Weighted Pencil comes with 1 aluminium hand piece, 1 weighted tip, 1 Pencil Adapter Tip, 7 replacement pencils and 1 pencil sharpener
  • When assembled, the pencil measures approximately 5 inches in length and therefore ideal for small hands to manage
  • Perfect for homework, note-taking, and more


For more information on our range of Pencil Grips please visit https://www.sensorydirect.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=pencil+grips

Please note:
Choking hazard - All of our Pencil Grips contain small parts and must be used under adult supervision.