As parents of an Autistic child we understand the panic and dread when Daylight Savings time comes around.

The change of routine, additional light in the house, increased anxiety and a general frustration (from child and parent) trying to manage the change.

There is no golden rule, or magic tool we can provide that will make the transition stress free (sorry!), but we are able to share a few tips, from personal experience, that may ease the transition.

1 – TALK TO YOUR CHILD – Try and explain, in simplest terms what Daylight Savings Time means. Make a chart together to ‘count down’ the days until Daylight Savings Time starts so they feel more ‘in control’ and aware of the change

2 – MAKE IT FUN – ‘How cool will it be to eat dinner when it’s light outside? ‘We can see into the garden and watch the birds whilst we eat!’ ‘We can go for a walk before dinner because it’s lighter’.

3 – AMEND YOUR BEDTIME ROUTINE – Try and change the time your child goes to bed in small increments, leading up to Daylight Savings Time, to ease the transition.

4 – WEIGHTED THERAPY – If you use a Weighted Blanket, or have a Weighted Lap Pal, make sure these are close to hand to help calm your child down before bedtime.

If you have any tips you have found work well for you, please share them as they may be of help to others