Deep Touch Pressure And Proprioception

Weighted Therapy has been proven to stimulate the proprioceptive system (the sense and awareness of our own body’s position and movement) through the use of Deep Touch Pressure.

Deep Touch Pressure works on the principle of applying weight or pressure to provide proprioceptive input. This input calms and modulates the central nervous system which, in turn, aids the processing of sensory information (Grandin 1992, McClure & Holtz-Yotz 1991).

How Does Deep Pressure Help?

Applying Deep Pressure to a child or adult with Sensory Seeking behaviour can make them feel more grounded and lowers their state of arousal. In doing so, this reduces repetitive, self-stimulatory behaviours (such as spinning, flapping and rocking) and allows better focus, concentration and attention.

In simplest terms, deep pressure is found to be relaxing and calming for sensory seekers and promotes a sense of security and wellbeing.

Which Sensory Direct Products Can Help?

Sensory Direct have a variety of products to help reduce sensory seeking behaviour:

The DEEP PRESSURE BEAR-HUG VEST’ is a compression vest that applies deep pressure and proprioceptive feedback to the body and shoulders. No weight is used – deep pressure is applied to the body by the tight wrapping of the vest around the body. Made from anti-bacterial neoprene, they can help reduce challenging and sensory seeking behaviours.






The WEIGHTED COMPRESSION VEST is made to calm and provide steady proprioceptive input, as the combined pressure and weight functions as a reassuring deep hug.Made of neoprene, the vests are designed for comfort with soft mesh material on the sides to increase air flow and ventilation. Weights are safely positioned in pockets inside the vest and can be added or removed.