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Celebrate World Autism Awareness Week 2018

With World Autism Awareness Week just around the corner, running from the 26th March – 2nd April 2018, annually it’s one of the biggest opportunities to get involved in helping autism gain the recognition it deserves. It’s a week traditionally marked by fundraising activities for autism and special needs charities, such as The National Autistic Society who provide support, information and services to support those affected by or associated with autism.

While there are so many ways to get involved with fundraising, World Autism Awareness Week doesn’t have to just be about raising money. In addition to charitable donations, the simple act of starting a dialogue with a friend, colleague or family member about the condition or sharing an inspirational story about autism on social media is also a great way to raise awareness. Even taking the time to read up and educate yourself about the complexities and symptoms of the condition is equally as effective.

World Autism Awareness Week Ideas For Fundraising

However, if you are primed and ready to do some fundraising this World Autism Awareness Week, there are so many different ways, places and events you can use to help make fundraising a whole lot easier! The best place to start is by finding out all the ways you can get involved during the week and pick an activity that works for you. Here are a few of the places and activities where fundraising works well:

World Autism Awareness Week: At School

World Autism Awareness Week | Sensory Direct

There are so many ways that the whole school community can come together to raise funds in a fun and collaborative way. Here are just a few ideas to help get you ready for a fundraising frenzy this Autism Awareness Week:

Bake Sale: this is a tasty and traditional way of raising money for charity. By baking delicious goods and selling them to students, teachers and parents it helps raise awareness and money for autism and gives everyone a great sweet treat to takeaway.

Pyjama Day: getting comfy in your favourite pyjamas to help raise money for charity through individual sponsorship is another idea. It’s a great way to come together collectively as a school. Why not wear an Autistic Society logo pin badge on your PJ’s to help raise even more awareness for the cause.

Spelling Bee: This is real brain-training fun for students of all ages. Spelling bees are quite common, so put a fundraising spin on it and have students get sponsors to help them participate.

World Autism Awareness Week: At Work

This is a fantastic way to pull-together with all your colleagues to raise some funds for a worthy cause. With only 16% of autistic adults in full-time paid employment, it’s a great place to get thinking about autism, it’s time to be a progressive workplace which encourages diversity and acceptance. For more help on how to organise a workplace charity event, check out this fundraising work guide. In the meantime, here are some ideas of our own:

World Autism Awareness Week | Sensory Direct

Dress-down Friday: Give everyone if your office the perfect excuse to throw on their ‘comfies’ and come to work to help raise money for a great cause. It’s a fun, informal and easy way to get collecting during World Autism Awareness Week.

Sponsored Cycle-To-Work: 🚲 Whether it’s for the whole week or a just a few days, encouraging your work to take part in a charity Cycle-To-Work scheme for World Autism Awareness Week. Getting friends and family to sponsor you is a great way to raise funds.

Company Car Wash: In this day and age, most people travel to work by car. So if you work in a busy town, city or on a bustling business, round your colleagues up for some car-washing chaos during your lunch break and help raise funds and awareness for autism.

World Autism Awareness Week: In The Community

There are endless ways you can rally your community to join and raise money all together this World Autism Awareness Week. Finding events that all your neighbours can participate in is easy, here are a few:

Community Fete: Many people see the church or community hall as being at the heart of many local populations across the UK. Organising a community fete with family-friendly activities, events and great food is a great way to raise money for charity and teach your neighbours all about autism.

Sponsored ‘Fun-Run’: So many charities have a sponsored run/walk for charity because it’s a fun and uplifting charity event, with some excellent health benefits for everyone. Get your community running and jogging for World Autism Awareness Week and raise funds and your own pulse for a great cause! Here’s some sound advice on how to plan your own race or find out about joining charity run’s already going on.

World Autism Awareness Week | Sensory Direct

Supermarket bag-packing: Bag packing in a local supermarket can be a really easy way to raise money for World Autism Awareness Week. Contact groups in the area who think might want to join the bag-pack such as the Girl Guides or Scouts.

Whether you’re taking part in charity activities or simply spreading the word, we hope you have a fantastic World Autism Awareness Week!