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Monthly Archives February 2015

Why swinging is great therapy for sensory integration

Swinging is great for stimulating the vestibular receptors which can helpful for children who are “sluggish” and need vestibular input (ie a sense of movement) to get them going.   To quote Lindsey Biel, author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child; “Spinning, swinging and hanging upside down provide the most intense, longest lasting input.” Gentle […]

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Activities for The Sensory Diet

By: Lindsey Biel OTR/L & Nancy Peske What is a sensory diet? Just as your child needs food throughout the course of the day, his need for sensory input must also be met. A “sensory diet” (coined by OT Patricia Wilbarger) is a carefully designed, personalized activity plan that provides the sensory input a person needs […]

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