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Monthly Archives April 2014

Autism and Chewing – why do autistic children chew?

Many people don’t understand when they see a child biting on toys, sucking on the sleeves of their shirt or chewing on non-edible objects. While the toddler isn’t frowned on for doing this, older children are expected to grow out of it or the parents to stop it. However, many children who do these things […]

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10% off everything this Easter!

To celebrate Easter (and because we’re nice people!) we are giving 10% off absolutely everything over the holidays. Use code EASTER14 on checkout to get your discount.  You can use this code as many times as you like until Tuesday 22nd!  Please note the discount applies to web orders only.

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Understanding Autism – Restaurant Meltdowns

This is from an American site – http://blog.asha.org/ – as you can probably gather (waffle fries!) and explains the reasons why children with ASD may find restaurants and similar environments difficult.   A few years ago we had to leave a busy restaurant before even getting served due to our son having a meltdown – the […]

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Delivery – 10th & 11th April

Over the next couple of days we will be re-organising our warehouse to enable us to improve our delivery times and service (well that’s the plan!).  As a result any orders received on the 9th, 10th and 11th April will be despatched on Monday 14th.   If you have an urgent requirement please let us […]

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Proprioception and Deep Pressure

The Proprioceptive Sense The proprioceptive sense is a little-known, yet vital, bodily sense that most of us take completely for granted. Proprioception is the sense and awareness of our own body’s position and movement. It is our awareness of our body’s orientation in space, and the direction, speed, and extent of the movement of our […]

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