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Monthly Archives August 2013

Tips for Sound Sleep and Autistic Children

We often get asked by parents about resolving sleep issues, so if you’ve got any great ideas for getting Autistic kids to sleep then please share them. Our autistic son is now 12 and thankfully he’s much better now than he used to be – the first five years were a nightmare!   We found […]

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For many parents of children with Autism, getting their haircut can be a traumatic experience for both them and their child.  It is a task that needs to be done but the thought of it fill us parents with dread! Here’s our top 10 tips….. If you have any tips, strategies or stories which may […]

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10 Fun Things to do on a Scooter Board

10 funs things to do on a Scooter Board Body Bowling. Set up bowling pins at one end of the room, and have the child ride the scooter board down to knock them over. Fishing. Scatter magnetic fish around the floor and have the child scoot around to go find them. Superman catch. Pull the […]

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What weight blanket should I buy?

One of the generally accepted principles of calculating the correct blanket weight is to take 10% of the users body weight and then add a pound. eg – if you have a child that weighs 5 stone this equate to 70lbs (5 x 14). Take 10% of 70lbs = 7 add a further 1 = 8lb […]

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What is weighted therapy?

Weighted therapy is the use of weighted products to apply weight and deep touch pressure (surface pressure) to the body stimulating the proprioceptive sense enabling those who are “sensory seeking” to relax, focus and have a greater awareness of their body. The proprioceptive sense gives us information about our body’s position and movement via receptors […]

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