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Choosing the right Sensory Chew

SAFETY ADVICE –  CHOOSING THE RIGHT SENSORY CHEW So you have a biter? Or a child who incessantly chews on their clothes, fingers, pencil tops and nearly everything not tied down? Help is at hand….Sensory Chew Toys to the rescue! Chewies in the form of necklaces and bracelets can be found in a variety of […]

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Body Socks & Scooterboards now back in stock

We now have our popular Body Socks and Scooter Boards back in stock – you can still order in time for Christmas!  

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NEW – Product of the Week – Fidget Toys

Product of the week – Fidget Toy Packs http://www.sensorydirect.com/sense/fidget-toys/fidget-toy-packs.html Available in cotton drawstring bags (small, medium or large) or a sturdy plastic jar (one size). Welcome to our first ‘Product of the Week’ post! Here at Sensory Direct, we hand-pick every product we sell with the needs of our customers in mind, and this new […]

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Cat got your tongue? – Origins of Six Common Idioms

  Image from Grammarly.com   Let’s not beat around the bush; no one uses idioms in everyday life. Maybe once in a blue moon, but anyone who says ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ must be off their rocker. Hang on- I’m only pulling your leg! Idioms are little maxims that have become part of our […]

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The benefits of Peanut Therapy Balls

The Benefits of Peanut Therapy Balls The benefits of ball therapy are widely acknowledged for children and adults with a range of abilities.   Balls are used for balance and co-ordination training, strengthening, gross motor and proprioceptive activities.  Balls are commonly used for: To improve dynamic balance by sitting or lying on top of the ball […]

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