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Tools & Resources for Special Needs in School

We stock a wide range of tools and activities to help children with additional needs in school. We also welcome purchase orders from schools - just email your purchase order and we will invoice you on despatch. Handwriting is a vital skill but one which can prove difficult for those with poor fine motor skills. Our range of sensory educational toys which include pencil grips, writing slopes and other writing aids can help build confidence when developing these skills. We also sell pencil toppers for chewers who chew the ends of pens and pencils.

Getting children to sit still and concentrate in the classroom is essential but can be a challenge - particularly when they have sensory processing difficulties. We have a range of resources such as weighted lap pads for sensory seekers, wedge cushions for better sitting, and pop up partitions to block out distractions. These and other products can be found here.

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