TTOTS Consultancy Service, Children’s Occupational Therapy                                                           TTOTS Logo High Res

Sensory Direct are proud to announce that we are trusted suppliers to TTOTS Consultancy Services – Children’s Occupational Therapy based in Darlington, County Durham.

Managing Director of TTOTS, Sarah Wilson explains:

“TTOTS are an education, children’s and families provision based in the North East of England. Our training enables educators and parents/carers to make a dramatic change in the lives of their children. Our manuals provide 36 weeks of structured and developmental programmes for schools and parents to address the underlying difficulties of the child in terms of their gross/fine motor skills, perception and sensory processing difficulties.

We have the ability to ensure every child reaches their true potential.”

For more information call 01325 254 688 or 01325 254689 or see the website at