We have had a number of queries regarding weighted pencils to help with handwriting for those with poor motor skills.   I did an online search and could only find one type of weighted pencil available in the UK priced at nearly £30!

Subsequently I found an article by an American OT all about making a weighted pencil.  This seemed extremely simple and cost effective so I'm sharing it here for anyone who maybe interested.

Weighted pencils can be beneficial for students who do not press hard enough when writing or for students who have poor body awareness and need additional proprioceptive input to increase awareness of their hand.

Here’s an easy and inexpensive way to make a weighted pencil or crayon on your own.

What you need:

  • a pencil (or crayon)
  • two rubber bands
  • some hex nuts

Just wrap the rubber band around the pencil to prevent the hex nuts from falling off. Then place the hex nuts on the pencil to create the desired weight. Wrap another rubber band around the pencil at the end of the hex nuts. To find the correct size of hex nut, I recommend just taking a pencil to a home improvement store and to see which size fits best.


You can also make weighted crayons, pens or markers.