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Life Skills

Life Skills games for kids & activities for children with special needs.

Children with Autism can find learning basic skills difficult - for example telling the time, learning to deal with money and seemingly simple tasks such as tying shoelaces can seem abstract and daunting. Our own son who is on the autistic spectrum can count, add & subtract (in fact he picked this up quite young as numbers have a certain logic and order) but dealing with coins of a different value was a concept he found extremely confusing and complicated. We have a range of money games that can help develop an understanding of money. In addition, we sell a range of games and activities to help make learning some of these essential life skills fun and engaging.

Coping with social situations and knowing how to respond or react in certain circumstances can be helped by playing board games that teach social skills such as the Smart Kids board games which encompass social skills, PSHE and speaking & listening games. Fine motor skills are important for activities such as getting dressed, tying laces and generally performing small fiddly tasks. Our products to help fine motor skills include lacing & threading games, tangles for finger strengthening and lacing and task-based activities. We stock a range of life skills games for the different areas of a child's development.


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