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Customer service skills and empathy are exceptional and the helpfulness of these people was beyond expectations
Guys it’s been a pleasure

"My son absolutely loves his weighted hoody!!! Early days but responding really well. Originally had to send first hoody back as too small but the reason for this is the hoody is of such a good quality so it wasn’t as stretchy as the usual buys but that said it’s a good thing as I’ll know it’s good quality and will last a lot longer.... no complaints it may seem expensive at first but believe me its true what they say you get what you pay for & any parent of a child with asd or spd will know what I mean buy anything for an easy life or as easy as you're going to get that day Invest & you won’t regret."

Independent Feefo review

I can't believe we've had our first full nights sleep in 13 years!

"Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the weighted blanket which has had an immediate positive effect on Theo's ability to go to sleep and stay asleep! I can't quite believe I've had my first full nights sleep as well as Theo for 13 years. What a wonderful gift."

Julia (mum to Theo)

Sleeping in his own bed for the first time in a year.

"Just a quick email to say thanks and give you some feedback which hopefully can encourage other parents to invest in a weighted blanket.

Firstly, the customer service you guys provide is impeccable. I felt I could ask questions without being pushed or forced to make an instant decision. Andrew kindly explained the different sizes and functions and accommodated my child's need for a blanket that although adjustable, he could not access the pockets because you were happy to stitch them.

Secondly, the delivery was prompt as advised by Juliet and it arrived within the next two days and product was as described.

Thirdly, so far so good, my son is getting used to it and has been sleeping in his own bed for the first time in a year. He still occasionally asks to come with us but on the whole I feel it is working and though his sleep is still erratic, there is vast improvement and I am so grateful to Sensory Direct for that. I have recommended the blanket to other parents and ask them to buy from you. Although there might be cheaper versions, it doesn't include the services you offer when buying and after.

Thank you, your product and service has helped a lot."



"Wow the difference this has made. My lo is 4 years old diagnosed with autism, global developmental delay and is non verbal. She requires high levels of deep pressure to get calm and sleep had always been one of the bigger issues, both with settling at night and then again with waking up frequently during the night and finding it hard to settle again.

This is where this weighted blanket has been a lifesaver.

She settles to bed between 8-9 and sleeps through without waking til about 5ish most nights now. Obviously we have had bad nights in between but only a few instead of every night, as a result she is much calmer and happier during the day and we see less frustration. I could not recommend this highly enough as its made so much difference to our lives and made my girl happier + the blanket looks amazing too."

Independent Feefo review, Feb 2016

A positive difference

within the first week

"I bought a weighted blanket for my three year old son, and I just want to say that it has been magic what that blanket has done for him & us. He had big problems with finding rest during the days and nights. He had trouble in other things too but after sleeping with a Sensory Weighted Blanket there was a positive difference within the first week.

My son is now more calm than before, he talks better, he is more persistent when he is playing, eating and reading compared to what he was like before.

I am extremely satisfied with your weighted blanket!"

Anita Ramussen, Denmark


"I have recently purchased a 2.5kg adjustable blanket from you. Not knowing the company and accidentally came across your website. I was thrilled with the level of customer support I received. The web page itself is easy to navigate and very easy to purchase what you need and more! The email informing me of where my parcel was at was great! I felt completely in control of my purchase.

My son has slept amazingly with his new blanket with a cool digger cover on ever since we first tried it.

Once again Thank you, I am able to sleep better and so is my son."

Rebecca Martins

Not often I say this but 10/10!

"I am happy to say there was not one aspect of my order that I was unhappy with from ordering to receiving was really quick, the communication was excellent as I had forgotton to request a particular colour and I emailed and received exactly what I wanted thank you for that. The price is very competitive so I was happy about that by far the cheaper price while keeping the quality.

It is not often I say this but 10/10 thank you very very much. regards Karen!"

Karen Horner

Excellent feedback

"Just want to express my thanks on your sensory products. Late last year I purchased the sensory hug t-shirts for my son who has challenging behaviour, ASD, Tic syndrome. After sending him into school wearing the t-shirt for three days he got excellent feedback and yet the days he didn’t wear the t-shirt I got calls from the school. So thank you, as this little thing has made a huge difference in our lives. Your customer service is outstanding.

Jo Borzellino

Thoroughly impressed with the service

" I would like to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the service I received when shopping online with your store. I actually requested a faster delivery due to a holiday and needing a sensory product urgently and I received it so quickly at no extra cost! The items are perfect and I really would recommend you to anybody."

Claire Gill

Delighted to discover Sensory Direct

" I was delighted to discover Sensory Direct. One of my children has only just this week been diagnosed with ASD / Aspergers. I know he was exceptional for a long time, but it took over 12 months for us to get an assessment done. Your website helped me greatly in explaining weighted therapies, long before we were given a diagnosis. Your explanations are helpful and informative. All of my order arrived promptly and very well packaged. The quality of the lap Blanket was very sturdy and of a great quality, much better than I'd anticipated. The selection of fidget toys etc was really great and helped me navigate what I thought my child would respond to. There were things on the site that I'd never seen or heard of before and lots of them he found really helpful."

Becky Air

Chewbuddy2 still going strong!

" My son gets through chewys at a ridiculous rate. We got him chewbuddy 2 which is amazing! I've been recommending it to other people. He destroyed every other chewy within weeks but this one is going strong. He had chewbuddy 1 for school who we called blue man but he's minus his legs again already (this is number 2 I think) but my son chews everything and it's just not suitable for him but it's fun and made him less self conscious of it at school.!"

Emilie Fox

The difference to my son is just amazing!

"I am absolutely delighted with both the products and service from Sensory Direct. The Miracle Belt is just exactly how it is named-a miracle! My little boy loves pressure, so anything weighted really helps. However when he is in meltdown mode he really resists his weighted blankets at times. This morning just as he was about to meltdown I gave him his belt and honestly he went from hyperventilating, to calm in seconds! He is choosing to wear it to school and takes it off himself for P.E or when he feels he no longer needs it. We are using a combination of weighted blankets/belt/lap pad at home and the difference to my son is just amazing!

My husband called the day we received the order and was delighted with both the advice and sensitivity your staff provided.

I am delighted and I have recommended your website on a local group I belong to, who all have children with Autism. I will definitely be back for more in the future. Thanks!"

Dawn Murray - Mum to son with Autism

The results were unbelievable!

"The school had already purchased a weighted waistcoat for my son as advised by the OT, the results were unbelievable - used when he has 1:1 reading his concentration has improved and in turn he reads better and for longer. Therefore I have purchased this one to use at home when reading/writing etc. There are cheaper alternatives on the market but unsure myself whether the different weight distribution would affect its effectiveness I wasn't prepared to take a chance. He has sensory issues and thankfully he likes fleece so he is liking wearing it - other things we have tried in general he has rejected either because of texture or not wanting to be different to his peers, as the appearance is similar to "normal" clothing he has no issues. It is definitely a hit!"

Tara Broad - Mum to son with sensory issues

My son slept all night for the first time in years.

"My son slept all night for the first time in years now that we have a weight blanket it worked a treat... so will try my older son on one as well... this has been my best buy... So far trying the vests now with weights and without... and its been ok being out in public wearing it no meltdowns in public so far he´s been calm... and i am stress free.. "

V Macartney

WOW the weighted blanket truly works!

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! My sons blanket arrived on Monday and so far i have had 4 nights of unbroken sleep. Usually he would sleep from about 9.30pm until about 2.30am and be up until bed the next night, since having his blanket he has slept from 9.30 until 6.30am. I was a bit sceptical at 1st but was willing to try anything to get some sleep and WOW the weighted blanket truly works - its a godsend, even school have noticed a difference in him. Thank you again!"

Tammy Wetherman

WOW - Already a godsend!

"Already a god send !!!! She loves it and its saving holes in clothes ! Such a bonus is that its versatile and tough too. It's taken a fair chewing already and no marks on it. Fantastic item wish I'd bough sooner !!!! Thankyou"

Amazon Chewbuddy customer

He absolutely loves them!

"Hi. Yesterday at The Autism Show you sold me a Blanket and a body warmer(weighted jacket) for my 4yr old son. I wanted to say thank you as he absolutely loves them and slept right through the night in the same position under his blanket and woke up very happy and carried it into the living room so thank you very much."

Emma Thomas - customer at The Autism Show

We feel like we´ve got our life back!

"Our daughter Faye has ADHD and sensory processing difficulties. As a baby she liked to be swaddled very tightly but when she started sleeping in her own bed she would wake up several times each night. She is now 10 so we had 9 years of sleepless nights until we borrowed a weighted blanket from the OT. Within a week she was waking up only once a night and now she usually sleeps right through. We had to give the blanket back but have now brought one from Sensory Direct - we feel like we´ve got our life back!"

Michelle Buckley, Droitwich Spa

He now sleeps solid from 8pm till 6am. Amazing!

"I recently bought a mini weight blanket from yourselves and it has been the best thing we have ever bought. My son is 2 and autistic and used to wake up at least 3 or 4 times during the night. Since using the weight blanket, he now sleeps solid from 8pm till 6am. Amazing. I really didn´t think that it would work. I´m going to tell other parents who have children with sleep problems about your website. I´m very very happy. Thank you."

Amanda Hawkes

He hardly EVER gets out of bed at night.

"My son (10) was diagnosed with S.I.D and we were told about the weighted products available. Every night he would get out of bed on numerous occasions not really being able to tell us what was wrong, apart from not being comfortable. Since we have used the (Sensory Direct) blanket, he hardly EVER gets out of bed at night and has said to us that it really helps to calm him down and sleep. So we have a very happy child who has had a good nights sleep."

Alison Green - Mother of a child with S.I.D

The benefits were immediate and hugely rewarding

The product is beautifully handmade and most importantly suggests durability and longevity. It is no exaggeration to say that for me the benefits were immediate and hugely rewarding. I have always been a good sleeper but have longed to sleep under a weight that returned me to my childhood pleasure of being tucked in under sheets blankets and eiderdown. Duvets by themselves cannot replicate this sensation. My experience has been that the weighted blanket calms my mind's anxieties of the day just passed. The mid-sleep waking moments have become rarer. I feel safe as if in a womb-like shell/encasement. I want to stress this is not going to be everyone's need. You will know instinctively. But it is worth researching. A good night's sleep is essential to cope with the demands of living in this world of rush rush rush

Independent customer testimonial

Had the best experience of customer service!

Such a great company. Fast delivery and the best leg weights I can find for my son! Definitely recommend. Helps my sensory seeker ground himself!

Independent Feefo review

Weighted Blanket Hire. Thank you for letting us try it out

My son loves the weighted blanket I rented from Sensory Direct. It helped him a lot with falling asleep. I wish I hadn’t waited that long getting a blanket like this. I will now purchase my own from them. Thank you for letting us try it out - we weren’t sure if it would help. That’s what I call great customer service.

Independent Feefo review

Helped with my PTSD

"I got a weighted blanket for my severe PTSD symptoms. It helps me when neither psychological techniques nor medicine helps. Especially with insomnia, anxiety and dissociation. More people should know that this is not "just" for autism, but helpful with so much more. I couldn't be more satisfied with the quality. I know of many others with PTSD who found this helpful too. It is very grounding after a flashback, reduces anxiety and feels very comforting. Many people with PTSD have problems to receive physical comfort when sad. Severe symptoms like losing awareness for the body (dissociation) can be stopped with weights on the body. Finding out about this changed my life. Truly amazing. Thank you!."


Weighted Hoody... it is AWESOME!

"I write to say thank you for the weighted hoody. I love it. It is awesome. My autism OT said it would help with my sensory difficulties. When I am back to work in January I am going to use my hoody at work to help me when I feel in meltdown. I am so happy with my hoodie and new ear covers and I am happy my parents got them for me. Thank u for making my life better and I also have a weighted blanket too at home."

Luke Piggott

"Children are more calm and they fall asleep much easier."

Your service is fast and good. No problems with ordering and delivering to Estonia. My clients love these blankets.

Independent Feefo review

Best purchase of my life!

"Got my stuff today and he loves the chewbuddy and blanket, I may have made the best purchases of my life here :)"

Lorraine Rainey

The best "medicine"for our son.

"I ordered a weighted hoody for my son. He has ASD and sensory integration disorder. He already has 2 weighted blankets and a lap wrap, supplied by Sensory direct. Which have worked wonders for him. He went from high anxiety and taking hours to going to sleep, to going to sleep with in minutes of laying beneath the weighted blanket.

He is now 11 1/2 and is becoming more self aware. When he feels the build up of stresses occurring, he will either lay in bed with his weighted blanket over him or sit with it covering his back. We are going to use the hoody as a more portable method of therapy. He can wear it in the taxi to and from school or during school, if needed.

We will also use it on days out, when the sensory overload is becoming too much, to help prevent meltdowns. Using your weighted therapy products has been the best 'medicine' for our son. He has considerably progressed in all aspects of life, which I feel is a result of a greater understanding of his conditions and the therapy products supplied by Sensory Direct. ."

Charlotte Hitchings

Found the lap blanket amazing for him to calm down.

"Thank you for such amazing service when I purchased a Thomas the Tank weighted blanket for my son. I've noticed a big difference in his sleep and have found the lap blanket amazing for him to calm down with during the day! Have recommended you to other people and will definitely be buying from you again."

Jade Caddick

Extremely happy with the great value for money.

"First and foremost, a huge thank you for sending me my order of Chewbuddy so promptly. As well as my sons Chewbuddy arriving promptly, I was extremely happy with the great value for money. I looked on other websites and I didn't find anything alike for that price. My son is constantly using his chewbuddy instead of chewing holes through his clothes or even dangerous items. Great value, would most strongly recommend yourselves and I will shop with yourselves again."

Mrs Susan Dolan

Great all round service.

"I'm very pleased with the large bean bag! My daughter absolutely loves it! delivery was very quick, great all round service, thanks!"

Michelle Kelly

It has been a revelation!

"It has been a revelation!....from the first night using his weighted blanket he slept all through the night. It was wonderful after many years of waking at 3.00am!! It has been repeated most nights since the day it arrived. Also the weighted jacket had an instant effect. I can only thank you for your wonderful website and all the information you offer."

Amanda Reid (& Connor aged 8)

I have never felt so lucky and so positive about my life becoming better and better.

"It is Sunday evening and I have had 2 nights of perfect deep sleep. The first in my life. I wake up relaxed and knowing I have had proper deep sleep and been relaxed all night. I used to wake up in pain every morning because my muscles had been taught all night. I have also lost the feeling of agitation I used to have constantly, not caused by anything in particular it has just always been there all my life and no matter what medication they had tried it never went away, however good things were it was always there.

One of the first things I noticed on Saturday morning was that it had gone, and hasn't returned. In the afternoon I have gone back under the blanket, sitting up and getting on with any bits and pieces I had to do or just watching tv, mainly because I found it topped up my muscles relaxing and also I crave the weight pressure on me. I have had a constant pull back to the blanket in the daytime because it makes me feel so relaxed, but because it is so big I can't carry it around with me and i certainly cant go out wrapped in it! My mum who was highly sceptical about the blanket, couldn't believe the change in my posture, my calmness etc after just one night. I know I will never be able to sleep or cope without a weighted blanket again, and it feels so good I wouldn't want to. I know as time goes by things will improve more the longer I use the blanket. I have never felt so lucky and so positive about my life becoming better and better. take care"

Chloe Hill - ASD sufferer, Brighton.

It is one of the best things I have ever bought.

"I recently bought a weighted blanket from you - with much trepidation, given the cost, but I was very much swayed by your offering a refund if the blanket didn´t work (something your competitors don´t offer). I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am, the blanket has made a remarkable difference to our lives.

My son now goes to sleep immediately, rather than staying awake talking for 2-4hours, keeping the rest of the household awake. He loves the blanket and wouldn´t go anywhere without it now, he finds it a tremendous comfort. All this in less than a week. It is one of the best things I have ever bought."

Gill Doran

Exceptional quality.

"The weighted blanket that we ordered for our son has just arrived, and I am writing to you to let you know how very delighted I am with it! It is beautifully made, and the materials you have used are of exceptional quality."

Jo Lucy - mum to Fabian, Newton Abbot.

My son LOVED it!

"Received the blanket today and my son LOVED it so thanks! He seemed a lot calmer when he went to bed tonight."

Sophie, Chelmsford

Amazed at the success of the weighted blankets.

"Many parents we worked with have been amazed at the success of the weighted blankets. Many pupils are now sleeping through the night."


"I just wanted to write and say how wonderful the indoor swing system is. Our 10 year old son finally has something to occupy his time indoors. Brilliant!"

Jackie Traylin

It has helped him significantly.

"The pupil who the weighted blanket was purchased for has significant behavioural problems. It has helped him significantly and the blanket is now used as a reminder that he needs to calm down."

Helen Mothersdill - Merstone School.

Top quality!

"Top quality, professional packing, informative, well presented and all together jolly spiffing !!!!"

David Darlington

Just saying a big THANK YOU!

"Just saying a big THANK YOU. We´ve ordered twice with you now and recommend you to all in need. Products always arrive safely and well-packaged ... and my son is always so very grateful!"

Kara Crawford

Help them calm down and be able to focus.

"The Miracle & Sensory Belts are often worn by several of my students for short periods of time to help them calm down and be able to focus on their assigned tasks. Some of the students will go and get the belts themselves when they feel the need for the weight provided by the belt."

Jane Foppe - Autistic Spectrum Disorder Teacher

First time my grandson sat quietly through dinner in 10 years.

"Wearing the Miracle Belt was the first time my grandson sat quietly through dinner in 10 years. He asked to take the belt to school because it "holds him down" and he is able to concentrate better."

Barbara Harle - Grandmother of a Child with ADHD

Immediate response.

"With the use of the Miracle Belt I see an immediate response to the children's ability to stay seated to complete table top activities during therapy sessions.."

Laurie Battle - Occupational Therapist

Slept right through the night for the first time in three years!

"The first time we used the weighted blanket our little boy settled down much quicker than usual - he enjoyed the weight and snuggly feeling. The second night he slept right through the night for the first time in three years!"

Sally Armstrong - Mother of an autistic child, Derbyshire UK.

His ability to stay on task improved so much.

"I recently used the Miracle Belt with one of my 5 year olds for the first time. His ability to stay on task improved so much, compared to other days without using it, and his increased attention continued even after we took the belt off."

Mary Tomasello - Occupational Therapist