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Sensory Clothing

Sensory Clothing for Children and Adults with Autism, SPD & ADHD

Our sensory hug shirts provide a light compression that can be worn all day long under a shirt or jumper. Made from soft cotton with a touch of lycra (for the stretch) the sensory hug shirts have flat seams and no labels. Some children gain a feeling of security from wearing tight-fitting clothing and this can reduce anxiety and help to calm and also aid concentration.

We spoke to one customer whose daughter liked to wear an old swimsuit that was too small for her - but she would insist on wearing it even over her clothes. We had another customer whose son wore his old school coat which he had outgrown - even in warm weather. The snug fit and pressure this provided clearly helped both of these, particularly when out of the house and faced with the outside world and all of its perceived hazards. A sensory hug shirt proved to be a more practical solution for both of these children.

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