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Fine Motor

Special Needs Toys for Fine Motor Skills

Toys, Games & Equipment for the development of fine motor skills.

Children on the Autism Spectrum often have problems with fine motor skills such as handwriting, tying shoe laces, fastening buttons etc. This is thought to be because the autistic brain is wired slightly differently resulting in poor motor planning which makes learning new skills difficult and often frustrating. Using fun games and activities to practice fine motor skills can reduce anxiety and frustration, making the process fun and rewarding. Setting small achievable goals and repeating the process, autistic children can achieve and learn tasks that before seemed beyond them.

Handwriting, for example, can be helped by the use of pencil grips to make holding the pen or pencil easier which in turn makes writing more manageable. We have a range of games for tying shoelaces as well as lacing & stringing toys.

What is Motor Planning? This is a term often used in relation to the development of children with Autism. Motor Planning is the ability to use sensory information from the environment and from the body to predict what is going to happen next, to plan actions and adopt the actions as needed.

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