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Our resistance products are perfect for strengthening exercises and proprioceptive input.

Activities instigated with these products can give ‘noiseless’ feedback to sensory seeking individuals, allowing fidget value and a proprioceptive experience without a lot of fuss. A must have as part of your home, clinic or school based sensory programme. Products that provide resistance can be hugely beneficial to sensory seekers.    Resistance bands can help to improve poor muscle tone, heighten body awareness and reduce self-stimulatory behaviours. Resistance Rings are great for strengthening hands and fingers which can help to improve fine motor skills (they also make a great fidget toy).

Body Socks and Resistance Loops are great fun items which are made from stretchy lycra. Kids can climb inside a Body Sock for an all round fun sensory experience which heightens body awareness and burns off some energy.

Physical activity can reduce anxiety and stress and where possible should be made part of a sensory diet. Some of the products here can allow children and adults with autism & sensory processing disorder to exercise easily and discreetly.

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