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Weight & Compression

Deep Pressure & Weighted Vests


 Weighted and Deep Pressure vests can help to calm, increase attention, reduce fidgeting and prevent meltdowns.

Those with Autism and associated sensory integration disorder often have a poor functioning proprioception which can make sitting and concentrating on any length of time a challenge. Some people prefer weight as a form of deep pressure whilst others respond better to compression. We have a range of weighted vests, weighted jackets, compression vests, lap pads and other items so you can find the right solution. A large number of children and adults react in a positive manner to deep touch pressure - with some responding to weight and others to a tight squeeze or hug (compression).  

Weighted vests and weighted jackets should weigh no more than 5% of the user's bodyweight. A weighted jacket should be taken on and off at regular intervals to prevent the mind and body from becoming too familiar with the additional sensory input. Most Occupational Therapists will recommend a schedule of  20-30 minutes wear at a time, although some studies have shown that wearing a weighted vest for up to 2 hours may be the most effective way to improve attention and behaviour. All the weights in Sensory Direct weighted vests are removable so the weight of the jacket can be varied.  

Deep pressure garments like our bearhug vest can be worn for longer periods although you should still remove a compression vest after a certain period to prevent over-familiarity with the sensory input. Our sensory hug shirts are less tight but provide a reassuring "hug" and can be worn discreetly all day under a shirt or school uniform.

Please always consult with Occupational Therapist when devising a sensory diet for your child.

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