Our Story

There are many benefits to buying Handmade Weighted Products. Let's start with our story. Sensory Direct was born out of necessity back in 2005 following our son’s diagnosis of Autism in 2003. Weighted Products and specifically ‘Weighted Blankets’ were suggested to us as a coping mechanism. We spent time researching Weighted Products on the internet and it soon became clear that they were costly and difficult to obtain. With modest tools and materials we designed our own version and true to the claims, we started seeing results – great results.

It made us think – if Weighted Blankets worked at night would the same principle work during the day? Again, with humble tools and basic knowledge of a concept we designed a Weighted Jacket for use during the day.  To our delight the same principles worked! Our son was able to wear the Weighted Jacket during the day to help when he was overstimulated or distressed.

Over a period of time we developed both our Weighted Blankets and Weighted Jackets, improving them and adding to the range – Sensory Direct was born!

UK Manufacturing

We now manufacture a whole range of Weighted Blankets and Jackets, Lap and Shoulder Pads and wrist weights to name but a few. Most importantly, they are handmade, in the UK, by a small dedicated team of skilled seamstresses. No mass manufacturing with stringent daily production targets. Just lovingly handmade products made by a team who care and who invest the time and skill into developing the best products, for you.

You see, we have experienced first-hand the benefits of Weighted Therapy. We have seen the results for individuals living with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders. We’ve lived through the challenges faced with sourcing products, the uncertainty of whether or not they will work, and unfortunately the rising costs. We’ve done the hard work to help our son and business grow, and we are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our handmade products.

When buying from Sensory Direct you get more than a product – you get our story, our experience and hopefully, your solution.

Why Buy Handmade Weighted Products?

With a variety of Weighted Products available on the market, some for little cost, some may wonder why pay for handmade? Well if our story and knowledge doesn’t sell it to you, perhaps this will.

Quality Assurance And Testing

Sensory Direct are serious about quality! As parents ourselves we understand the need for well thought out high quality products that actually work and will not break the bank.   We know from experience that you can spend a small fortune on products not knowing if they will work or not. Which is why we offer a no quibble returns policy (excluding bespoke items – sorry!).  Our Quality Controlled processes ensure that every item is double checked and nothing leaves our warehouse without the Sensory Direct seal of approval. We know the seamstresses name and date of manufacture for every handmade item we produce. This means we have full accountability for every product, giving you further assurance of the high quality we manufacture to. We even offer a Lifetime Guarantee for quality on all of our handmade products.

In addition to the high quality, all of our Weighted Products have been tested. They carry the CE Mark and are registered Class 1 Medical Devices with the UK regulatory body (MHRA).

Bespoke Manufacturing

As we have our own in-house UK team of seamstresses, we have complete control over our manufacturing. This means we are able to offer bespoke products, on certain items, to meet individual requirements. This may be a specific fabric, pattern, weight, material or texture. We are happy to discuss your requirements and where possible make a product for you.

A Little Piece of Sensory Direct

Lastly, you get us! With every handmade order you’re getting a little bit of Sensory Direct. We’re a small but dedicated team with personal knowledge and experiences across a range of conditions. We are always at the end of a phone or email to talk. Whether that be product enquiries, order tracking or just to discuss how our products may work for you. That level of support remains before, during and after placing an order. But don’t just take our word for it - Check out our Feefo reviews from our lovely customers!