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What is Weighted Therapy & Proprioception?

What is Weighted Therapy? Weighted therapy is the use of weight to apply deep pressure to the body. The weight and pressure stimulates the proprioceptive sense helping those who are “sensory seeking” to relax, focus, and develop a greater awareness of their body. Weighted therapy….. • can have a calming effect, promoting a sense of […]

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Happy Christmas & holiday opening hours

Happy Christmas to all customers and friends of Sensory Direct! Our final day of business will be Monday 23rd December and we shall be closed until Thursday 2nd January 2014.  Final orders will be despatched Friday 20th.  Please note we will do our best but cannot guarantee delivery will arrive in time for Christmas.  We […]

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How to make a Weighted Pencil

We have had a number of queries regarding weighted pencils to help with handwriting for those with poor motor skills.   I did an online search and could only find one type of weighted pencil available in the UK priced at nearly £30! Subsequently I found an article by an American OT all about making […]

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What do Weighted Blankets do?

What do weighted blankets do? This is a common question we are often asked.  Weighted blankets can help those with a poor proprioceptive sense and are “sensory seeking” (for more on proprioception please download our Weighted Therapy Guide). Signs of a poor proprioceptive sense are : Clumsiness Rough play (excessive pushing, shouting, jumping etc) Poor […]

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Weighted jackets now back in stock

Our full range of weighted jackets and weighted vests are now back in stock.  Our weighted jackets are made with a cotton lining which contains 7 strategically placed pockets into which the weights are place.  2 of the pockets are on the shoulders allowing weight to be placed where it’s really needed and most beneficial. […]

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