Sensory Rooms

Sensory Rooms and Sensory Dens have long been used as relaxing and calming environments for those living with autism and sensory processing disorders. Clever use of lighting, texture, scents and music all provide comforting and relaxed sensations to the individual. Time spent in a Sensory Room or Sensory Den can calm and provide a release to those with autism or SPD. This helps with self-regulation, improved focus and concentration.

Research has shown that Sensory Rooms or Sensory Dens with carefully selected toys and equipment, can help improve visual, auditory and tactile processing.

With Sensory Rooms now included as part of many sensory diets and the difficulties of lockdown 2020, there is pressure to provide a Sensory space at home. But at what cost? This blog will show you how to create a safe, sensory space at home. Even better, for under £100 and just 3 products.


But I don’t have the space for a Sensory Room/space – we hear you say. Well don’t worry! Rather than worrying about space you don’t have - focus on the space you do have. Sensory Rooms are easily created from a small bedroom, corner of the living room – or even a garden! The most important thing to remember is the reason for creating the room. As long as you can allocate a small amount of space, the results will be the same.


We have identified 3 products that when used together form a Sensory space in your home, garden on even classroom. The items are portable, so the space can be moved from room to room, allowing the whole family can enjoy.

Product ONE - Pop Up Sensory Dens

Pop Up Sensory Dens are portable, lightweight and affordable alternatives to a permanent sensory room. As the name suggests, the dens ‘pop open’ to use. They require no poles, pegs or ties and can be easily moved around the home or garden.

The NEW Sensory Direct Pop up Travel Den measures 100 x 100 x 100cm - an ideal size for a small bedroom, corner of a lounge or even the garden.

The Pop up Travel Den is made from strong materials to provide a sturdier frame, and the bottom is made from strong waterproof material. There’s even a zipped window at the back so you can see what’s going on inside and out – also great for peek-a-boo games! The Pop Up Travel Den can be instantly set up for use, then folded down and stored away in the carry bag included.

The Pop Up Travel Den can be used as the ‘sensory space’, and can be filled with several sensory toys and equipment to provide tactile, auditory and visual feedback.

The Travel Pop up Den is priced at - £36.00 + VAT

PRODUCT TWO - Weighted, Scented Cuddly Animals

Weighted Therapy is widely recommended by Occupational Therapists, providing a calming, relaxing effect on those living with autism or SPD. (Read our blog on Sensory Integration and Weighted Therapy). Including deep pressure or weighted items in your Sensory Space can help an over-stimulated child/adult relax and self-regulate.

Our ranges of weighted, scented, cuddly animals are ideal for creating a ‘snuggly area’ in your Sensory Space. They can help increase your child’s attention span and reduce excessive fidgeting.

Used with the Pop up Travel Den the weighted animals provide a calming lavender scent as well as the comforting, weighted benefits used through cuddling them.

Choose from a giraffe, unicorn, fox, elephant, frog, sloth, monkey, puppy, seal or snowman for only £11.95 + VAT each.

PRODUCT THREE – Sensory Den Play Box

No Sensory Den or space is complete without lighting, and you don’t need expensive, highly technological equipment – a simple, well thought out Sensory Lighting box will do just the same job. Introducing a range of lighting and colour in your sensory space can have considerable impact upon the individual’s feelings and experience within the space.

Our Sensory Den Play box contains a range of 10 light up sensory toys for use within the Pop up Travel Den.

  • Fibre Optic Torches - versatile and great fun colour changing fibre optics
  •  Colour changing Egg - watch the egg change colour before your eyes
  • Light up sensory stick - tap the tactile spiky massage ball and watch the stick light up
  • Starlight Projector - Small projector unit that projects a starry sky across the ceiling.
  • Micro Fibre Optic light - colourful fibre optic light
  • Glow Ring - pop it on you finger and watch it change colour
  • Electromite - tactile fidget toy that flashes
  • Spectra Glow Ball - tactile ball that flashes when bounced
  • Bug Eyes - tactile fidget toy with great big flashing eyes!

The toys are supplied in a plastic storage tub with lid (please note content may vary slightly), and some items require batteries. ‘Learn more’ (link to product on website) here.

Sensory Space For Under £100

So there you have it! Three products for under £100, that create a Sensory area in your home or garden with very little space.

Pop up Travel Den - £36.00 + VAT

Weighted, scented animal - £11.95 + VAT

Sensory Den Play Box - £35.95 (with VAT exemption)

Total - £93.49 INC VAT - please note this price includes the VAT exemption on the Sensory Den Play Box.

This blog shows how a Sensory Room can be created in your home or garden for under £100 with limited space. The Sensory Direct website has a whole range of additional sensory dens, lighting, fidgets, bubble tubes.