40 Ideas for Organising Proprioceptive Input

The following are ideas of activities complied by OT's. The activities may be used at school or at home.

1 "Hot dog" game, where the child lies across the end of a blanket and is rolled (ends up in rolled up blanket) – don’t cover the face

2 Carry heavy items (baskets with cardboard blocks, groceries with Mum, bag for teacher, etc.)

3 Climbing activities (such as playground equipment)

4 Swing from a trapeze bar

5 Tug of war

6 Push against a wall

7 Scooter board to and from a designated location (sit and lie on stomach use arms to propel)

8 Pillow cases with a few stuffed animals (for weight) and drag and pull them up a ramp, incline or stairs

9 Place chairs at the desks at the end of the day, or take down at the beginning of the day

10 Erase and wash the school blackboard / whiteboard

11 Carry bean bags on head or shoulders and walk across a room, weighted vests, belts, wrist weights

12 Pull other children around on a sheet or blanket

13 Pull someone while they sit on a scooter board

14 Garden work, including mowing the lawn, raking grass or leaves, pushing wheelbarrow

15 Push a friend in a wheelbarrow

16 Chew on a Chewbuddy

17 Milkshake rewards through a thin straw

18 Carrying heavy cushions

19 Falling into bean bag chair or crash mat

20 Jumping and rolling games

21 Slowly roll ball over the child and apply pressure

22 Bounce on a Peanut ball

23 Sandwich games, between bean bag chairs, mattresses, cushions with light pressure on top layer

24 Play catch with a heavy ball, bounce and roll the heavy ball

25 Have child put things away, or pass out items in classroom and at home to family members

26 After a bath squeeze the child and rub them with the towel

27 Use heavy quilts at night or weighted blankets

28 Play row row row your boat sitting on the floor rowing aginst each other

29 Rice play, koosh balls, water play, jello play and putty

30 Two adults swing the child in a sheet

31 Wash table, desks or counter tops

32 If there is a garden project at school have them dig, or at home too

33 Play with medicine balls (provided by gym teachers)

34 Mini trampoline

35 Run around track at school or house at home

36 Swimming, have child dive for weighted sticks in the pool

37 Dancing

38 Gymnastics

39 Sports activities involving running and jumping

40 Use an indoor swing