Weighted Therapy

Weighted Blankets for Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

Weighted blankets are a safe and effective therapeutic solution, helping sensory seeking children and adults calm their body, helping aid a peaceful nights sleep. The extra weight can help to relieve anxiety and stress, easing the transition and helping to prevent melt-downs and repetitive behaviours.

This specialised blanket often helps those with Autism and associated Sensory Processing Disorder by providing soothing weighted blanket sensory input. In addition to being used at night, they can be used in a sensory room, classroom or simply chilling out at home.

Our products are made in the UK, CE marked to conform to the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Authority guidelines for class 1 medical devices. We give a lifetime guarantee for quality, as well as a 60 day returns policy.     

Over the years we have developed many different types of weighted blanket to suit all needs, here is a brief overview :

  • Small/Portable - Measuring 110cm x 90cm, this is ideal for little ones or for portable use in the car or sofa
  • Classic - Measuring 140cm x 120cm this is our original blanket with weights sewn into individual cells (non-adjustable)
  • Classic Fire Retardant Blanket - The same as our classic but with fire retardant material to BS5852 / BS7175 and wipe clean
  • Adjustable - Measuring 150cm x 120cm and adjustable, so as you child grows you can add more weight
  • Large Adjustable Weighted Blanket - Measuring 200cm x 135cm (single bed) and generally with heavier weights
  • Adjustable Covers - Made to protect our standard/large sized adjustable weighted blanket, a great selection of fire retardant and patterned covers
  • Adjustable Ball Weighted Blanket - A large, full single bed size blanket with 80 solid balls for additional sensory feedback

Need more help? - email us or call our team now on 01905 670500.

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  1. Snuggly Tactile Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    Snuggly Tactile Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    from £43.14 £35.95
  2. Midi Weighted Blanket

    Midi Weighted Blanket

    from £107.95 £89.96
  3. Fire retardant lap pad blue

    Fire Retardant Weighted Lap Pad

    from £35.94 £29.95
  4. Kids  Snuggly Tactile Weighted Blanket

    Kids Snuggly Tactile Weighted Blanket

    from £124.99 £104.16
  5. weighted jacket for autism

    Kids Weighted Fleece Waistcoat

    from £76.75 £63.96
  6. weighted blanket sensory direct

    Teen/Adult Classic Weighted Blanket

    from £139.99 £116.66
  7. Kids Weighted Jacket

    Kids Weighted Jacket

    from £76.74 £63.95
  8. Kids Fleece Weighted Blanket

    Kids Fleece Weighted Blanket

    from £124.99 £104.16
  9. Weighted Hug Vest

    Weighted Hug Vest

    from £59.94 £49.95
  10. weighted blanket sensory direct

    Kids Classic Weighted Blanket

    from £124.99 £104.16
  11. Image for Weighted Compression Vest

    Weighted Compression Vest

    from £85.15 £70.96
  12. Weighted Lap Pads

    Polycotton Weighted Lap Pads

    from £35.95 £29.96
  13. Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    Polycotton Weighted Shoulder Wrap

    from £43.14 £35.95
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