Weighted therapy products suitable for sensory seeking teenagers

Weighted therapy is the use of weight to apply deep pressure to the body. The weight and pressure stimulate the proprioceptive sense helping those who are “sensory seeking” to relax, focus, and develop a greater awareness of their body.  

Applying a weighted product can feel like having a big hug which can be incredible reassuring to someone who has sensory perception disorder and are in a situation that is triggering anxiety.

We have a wide range of weighted products. Our homemade weighted blankets can relax those at bedtime and help with getting a good night’s sleep. Or our small & portable weighted blankets are great for when you are out and about, in the car, at the dinner table, dentist or in school. Our weighted shoulder wraps and weighted lap pads can be draped across the upper body or lap when the child or adult is showing signs of distress or are equally useful for chilling out times such as lying on the sofa watching TV.

Our weighted clothing can be used during the day and are a great resources for the school or home schooling environment to increase attention-span and reduce hyperactivity.  Our stylish hoodies, gilets and fleece jackets not only provide sensory feedback but they do not stand out as a therapeutic aid, allowing them to be worn without drawing unwanted attention!



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  1. galaxy weighted blanket

    Teen/Adult Galaxy Weighted Blanket

    from £150.00 £125.00
  2. Teen Sensory Box With Shoulder Wrap

    Teen Sensory Box With Shoulder Wrap

    from £84.00 £70.00
  3. Teenager's Sensory Soft & Snuggly Sofa Pack With Weighted Lap Pad

    Teenager's Sensory Soft & Snuggly Sofa Pack With Weighted Lap Pad

    from £99.00 £82.50
  4. Adult Weighted Jacket for Autism

    Adult Weighted Fleece Waistcoat

    from £98.00 £81.67
  5. Teen/Adult Fleece Weighted Blanket

    Teen/Adult Fleece Weighted Blanket

    from £141.50 £117.92
  6. Fire Retardant Weighted Blanket

    Fire Retardant Weighted Blanket

    from £128.00 £106.67
  7. Midi Weighted Blanket

    Midi Weighted Blanket

    from £107.95 £89.96
  8. Teen/Adult Snuggly Tactile Weighted Blanket

    Teen/Adult Snuggly Tactile Weighted Blanket

    from £141.50 £117.92
  9. Image for Weighted Compression Vest

    Weighted Compression Vest

    from £104.40 £87.00
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