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Monthly Archives May 2020

Deep Pressure and Sensory Seeking Behaviour

Deep Touch Pressure and Proprioception Weighted Therapy has been proven to stimulate the proprioceptive system (the sense and awareness of our own body’s position and movement) through the use of Deep Touch Pressure. Deep Touch Pressure works on the principle of applying weight or pressure to provide proprioceptive input. This input calms and modulates the […]

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A Brief Guide to Sensory Integration

What is Sensory Integration? Sensory integration is the ability to receive, process and make use of information from the world around us.  This allows us to make an appropriate, adaptive response to meet the demands of the environment. For most of us sensory integration is happening all the time without us having to think about […]

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Lap Pads and Shoulder Wraps

Lap Pads Lap pads apply calming deep pressure to the lap and upper legs. Because they are used while the child is seated, it makes them ideal for use in situations like; the classroom, at reading time, at the table, or in the car. The weight has a calming effect helping attention span and reducing […]

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