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Chewbuddy – Which one will you choose?

Sensory Chews

The use of sensory chews for the management and relief of stimming is well documented, and most parents/carers will have tried some form of sensory chew for their child. At Sensory Direct we often hear of the concerns relating to safety ‘is the material safe for my child to chew’ and also hygiene ‘how can I keep the #chewbuddy clean’.  In addition to this, the most frequently asked question we get is ‘which #chewbuddy is right for my child?’

Sensory Direct #Chewbuddy’s

As parents ourselves and from personal experience we know how important these issues are, and finding the answers inspired us to create our own sensory chews.

At Sensory Direct we are proud to offer sensory chews that are;

  • Tested for compliance with all relevant safety standards (including phthalates and BPA)
  • Made from medical grade materials – NO phthalates, PVC, BPA or Latex (so safe to chew)
  • CE marked (quality assurance)
  • Can be sterilised or cleaned by popping in the dishwasher
  • Provided with a detachable safety lanyard so the sensory chew can be worn around the neck

So as parents/carers you can be assured that when purchasing from Sensory Direct we have taken the time to ensure our sensory chews are as good as they can be, and we continually monitor for improvements so we can have the best sensory chews we can!

There’s no ‘one for all’

But, it’s not just safety and hygiene concerns that we considered. We know that there is no ‘one for all’ product when it comes to sensory chews, therefore we needed to create a range of sensory chews suitable for children/adults from mild to aggressive chewers – our #Chewbuddy range was born!

To date, we have 8 sensory chews in the #Chewbuddy range available in varying strengths, colours, shapes and even some that provide additional sensory feedback – offering something for everyone.

What’s even better is our sensory chews can be provided as individual sensory chews or we have a #Chewbuddy starter pack that contains one of each of our sensory chews – enabling you to try each one to see which suits. Better still, buying our Starter Pack saves you 35%.

The Chewbuddy Range

Let’s explore the #Chewbuddy range;

Stickman – Our original #Chewbuddy which is ideal for mild to moderate chewers.





Chewbuddy Super – a large hunk of a chew for more aggressive chewers.






Chewbuddy Disc – a strong but discreet chewy pendant to wear around the neck so it’s always on hand when needed.






Chewbuddy Bangle –  a medical grade chew that fits on the wrist.







Chewbuddy Tubes – these are great for on top of a pen or pencil for those that bite or chew when writing







Chewbuddy Tags – great for older children who want a discreet, stylish chew





chewbuddy monster chew


Chewbuddy Ghost – a fun friendly ghost on a safety lanyard




Monster Chew Skull


Chewbuddy Skull –  a fun and friendly skull shaped sensory chew





Follow the journey of Alfie and his #stickman #chewbuddy and join in with your pictures


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